Get The Real Feel Of Pondicherry And The Arts At This Eco-Friendly Setup


    A perfect melange of peace, contemporary art and theatre, a fascinating host and a plethora of experiences all while staying in an eco-friendly comfortable room with all modern amenities. Look no further than Adishakti.

    Eco-Friendly Dwellings

    The houses in this fine stay were made in rammed earth heritage style and taking cue from Laurie Baker’s eco-friendly mud construction. I had checked into a cosy and comfortable room set amidst the sprawling greenery. It was air-conditioned, had WiFi {though this was one time I did not intend to work and planned get some much needed time off}), with linen and toiletries provided. It was nearing evening and I freshened up and headed for a cup of tea with Nimmy. Just in time to catch the resident performing group starting to set up for their rehearsals.

    Amidst Art

    The rehearsal was nothing short of mesmerising as the stage turned in to breathtaking scenes of interpretations of Ganapati’s birth weaving together the Puranic, the Vedic and even a subtle tinge of Greek mythological realms. Given a chance, this is an experience that you definitely shouldn’t miss whilst staying here.

    How Was Your Experience?

    A trip to Pondy was supposed to be about the beaches, though I decided to chance it this time around when I found this one-of-a-kind stay. And was I in for a treat. The host, Nimmy was an absolute gem. I had asked for dinner while making the booking and a simple but delicious home cooked meal was served. I was seated next to a writer and a poet and my conversations veered to that direction. Post dinner, I took a small walk and the ‘me time’ was perfect for a relaxed and artistically invigorated mind.

    Join The Action

    Wake up early here and wander about like I did. You’ll find various fitness routines including Kalaripayattu and some dance based in-house regimens. I chose to give the gym a pass, and opted for these instead, before heading for a refreshing dip in the lovely pool. Another walk and this time to the melodies of the varied avian friends around, to which the rustling sounds of the leaves from the rich sprinkling of flora around played accompaniment.


    A theatre workshop and a possible visit to the Kalarigram nearby that Nimmy can facilitate.


    Don’t go with an agenda and let the script unfold as you go through the play. You might be surprised at what you unearth – both around as well as within you.