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Enjoy Authentic Burmese Flavours At This Beautiful Restaurant In Indranagar

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What Makes It Awesome?

Burma is a country, which is now known as Myanmar which borders with India. One thing I always knew Burma is for their traditional Burmese dress known as longyi which is similar to skirt. I paid a visit to this Burma Burma in Indira Nagar on a weekday for dinner and loved their unconventional Burmese food.

The ambience of this place is good, I loved their artworks and traditional artisans placed around the restaurant. The lighting is pretty good and everyone will fall in love with their hanging light sets. They have seating arrangements for about 70-80 pax and the furniture are comfortable and good too.

Service at this restaurant is simply awesome. The manager of the restaurant along with his subordinate Mr Bhagyaraj took good care of us. Mr Bhagyaraj was very eager to describe the food which was served. He also went a step ahead by explaining them in the local language too. He truly deserves respect for his utmost sincerity while performing his job with great interest and patience.

What did I eat?
Salads: There were three types of salads provided all three pretty unique of its kind. We had the sunflower and mango salads. Their salads are one of the must-try.

Pumpkin and basil soup: The pumpkin and basil soup was the best soup I had at the restaurant. It was soft and they had tiny pieces of pumpkin in them too.

Grilled mock meat skewers: Please don't go by the presentation. I got cheated by my eyes when I ordered them since they looked like a meat skewer. This skewer comprised of buckwheat, soya with spices that was grilled to perfection and tasted amazing.

Tangy spring vegetable bun: This was another extraordinary food item that was served, the bun looked like a South Indian idly but it wasn't. The bun was made up of flour, the vegetables were nicely sorted and placed between the buns. The presentation and the taste were good.

Lotus stem crisps: These lotus stem crisps which are mostly found in many of the south-east Asian restaurants was very different here. I would rather say it was the best I ever had. They were crispy, spicy and just perfect.

Burma Burma oh no khowsuey: It looks so simple yet tastes at a different level. It was the Hakka and noodles which were well mixed with the soft coconut milk and lemongrass. They were also mixed with a little tamarind and other vegetables.

Fried rice with tea leaf: It was a nice fusion of fried rice and tea leaf pretty much unconventional and special yet tasted good.

Burma Burma tea blend: This was a live tea that was prepared right in front of us. The tea apparatus looked like it was imported from a laboratory since it looked all complicated. The mixture of water and the flavours right in front of us was definitely a treat to the eyes. The tea, on the other hand, was outstanding. You can go on gulping down any number of tea.

Smokey avocado and honey caviar ice cream: This is a must-try dessert if you visit this place. Everything was picture perfect from presentation to taste. It was my first time I tasted the avocado ice cream and they were a delight to the taste buds. I was so impressed that I ordered another one.

Tangy piyan durian ice cream: It was prepared from a very unique fruit. The piyan was quite different.

All in all Burma Burma is quite a wonderful vegetarian restaurant at the heart of Indiranagar. They are just perfect in whatever they do. Their precision with simple things like sauces so that it amplifies your food. Their mocktails were good too. The detail in their work needs a high level of appreciation. The ambience and the service is another excellent thing about this place. Parking is not an issue since there is a basement available.

Recommended food: Salads, Grilled mock meat skewers, Tangy spring vegetables, Lotus stem crisps, Burma Burma oh no Knowsley, Burma Burma tea blend, Smokey avocado and honey caviar ice cream.

What Could Be Better?

Would love to see few of their crew members to dress up in their ethnic wear

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids