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Eat Like A Proper Local Thanks To This Amazing Culinary Community

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What Makes It Awesome

Eat like a proper local, thanks to Authenticook, a unique platform where home chefs get to show off their skills and traditional cuisines. 

An idea that was born in Ladakh when the founders, Ameya, Priyanka, and Aneesh wanted to try the local cuisine, Authenticook let's you experience exotic food in the best way possible - in the home of a chef, making their traditional recipes. And no, we don't meet a pro-chef. We mean home chefs, or just cooking enthusiasts, making food from family recipes. 

While it's a proper hit with tourists, it's becoming increasingly popular with Indians too. After all, you can't possibly have tried every single type of Indian cuisine, can you? What makes the enterprise even more compelling is that the hosts are primarily women. Currently, the most popular meals are Goan , Gujarati, Malayali and Bengali. Nothing like eating good food and helping a woman become financially independent!

Not only will you get to gorge on dishes you may not have heard of before, but you'll learn of their cultures, tradition and heritage, through the stories woven into each dish. You can order a meal home via the Authenticook website.


This service is not restricted by any location. From Chandigarh, Kochi and Lucknow to Udaipur, Coonoor and Dandeli, if there is a home chef willing to share their amazing food, then you can get in touch with Authenticook to set up a meal event. Of course, the metros are part of the list, so go on explore the culinary side of India.