Shop For Beautiful Aroma Candles And Teas At This Boutique!


    Bhoomi The Earth Boutique: Feeling awesome with their products
    Received green tea and their new collection of autumn candles

    First, about the green tea, it is known as Aphrodite magic green tea.

    This green tea helps you lose weight and is perfect to pair with your detox diet program as it helps you eliminate toxins from your body, which in turn helps clear the skin and provide it a nice glow. Perfect for self-love/care days! Apart from this, it is an instant relaxation aid - Once your body feels lighter, your thoughts leave the lethargy behind as well

    It's named as Aphrodite magic greerodite is the Greek Goddess associated with beauty, art, and good health. So, named it has Aphrodite Magic tea will help you create beauty not only physically but internally too :)

    And about the candles the three fragrance orange carnberry , vanilla I just loved the vanilla fragrance you can use it for meditation and for calming it gives a good vibe!