Ten-second takeaway

The annual Avare Bele Mela, underway at VV Puram, is where you should head to, to buy piles of fresh, farm-sourced avarekalu (hyacinth beans) and sink your teeth into delicacies made from it.

Spill the beans

For 18 days, the area around Sajjan Rao Circle and Thindi Street will pull out all stops to celebrate the humble avarekai. Event organisers, Sri Vasavi Condiments, have reportedly roped in over 200 farmers from the Magadi area (on the outskirts of Bangalore) to participate in the mela. A winter speciality, avarekai will be available by the heaps, at the mela, for you to take home.

Eat street

Stalls all across VV Puram’s famed Thindi Street will also serve up street food made from avarekai. There’s Hithkabele (avarekai beans without their skin) honey jalebis, jamoons, and holige for your sweet tooth. But before you order the sweet dishes, you can chomp on dosas, upmas, vadas, idlis and curries made from the bean. 

Where: Sajjan Rao Circle, V.V. Puram

When: 7-24 January, 10am-11.30pm

Price: INR 20-50

Featured image via: New Indian Express