Avengers: Engame Is Returning To Theatres With A Tribute To Stan Lee, More Robert Downey Jr. And Post-Credit Scene

Aakanksha posted on 21 June

As if the first version wasn't enough (we are still reeling from that stellar scene when the Avengers, Assemble!), Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed that Avengers: Endgame will be re-released with plenty more in store. Yes, more than the three hours and one minute it already was! The new version is set to include a proper tribute to the fine storyteller Stan Lee, as well as, apparently more scenes with Robert Downey Jr. whose reign as Ironman came to a fitting end in this same film. 

For most though, the biggest disappointment of Version 1.0 was no post-credit scenes. So the Gods (and the filmmakers) have head our pleas. There will indeed be a post-credit scene for this re-release! Apart from more moolah being raked in, we're hoping they show us a sneak peek into where the franchise is heading. And all in just over seven minutes of added footage! 

Thus, one more time...BRING ME THANOS!