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Beat The Heat With Rum Goli Soda And Chilled Avocado Pani Puri At This Quirky Restaurant

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Merging two current trends – avocados and quirky pani puri, The Open Box does a stellar dish called the Phirangi Pani. We’ve also found our favourite summertime drink. It’s the Cuban Goli.

You Avo To Try This

Officially called a soup, the Phirangi Pani is refreshingly chilled avocado puree that’s spiced up with everything you love in the real pani. Yup, including the inimitable flavour of chaat masala. The puri puffs are the usual, but each comes in a mini chai glass so you can pretty much knock back the avocado soup, long after the puri is gone. Or that’s what we assumed it was for, and proceeded to gulp it down like a boss.

Do The Cuban

But if it’s proper alcohol you’re after, look no further than the Cuban Goli. We’ve raved about it before, but come summer and soaring temperatures, we fall in love all over again… with the mix of white rum and lime or cranberry. And it’s actually carbonated in an old-school Banta machine {see Featured image}! Maybe it should be made acceptable {mandatory might be a bit much} to carry this to work for lunch.