Assam On Your Thali and Bamboo Grilled Meats At Axomi

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Axomi {pronounced Aa-Ho-Mi} dishes out homely and value-for money thalis and regional specials, all the way from Assam.

Chow Down

Unlimited Veg Thali, Khorikat Pura Gahori, Patot Diya Gahori, Murighanta

Sip On

Only fizzy drinks and water is available here.

Winning For

Home-style thali, nouvelle cuisine and light yet flavourful pork dishes.

Lowdown On The Ambience

There isn’t much of an ambience here. Simple glass-topped tables and sturdy chairs with some traditional decor on the wall, and the latest Assamese chart toppers on speakers form the atmosphere here.

What’s On The Menu?

We suggest you settle for the basic, unlimited Veg Thali (chicken, mutton, fish, pork and duck versions available too) comprising rice, dal, stir fried vegetable of the day, Aloo Pithika {Assamese style mashed potato spiked with mustard oil and chillies), Boror Tenga {dal fritters dunked in a light, tangy gravy}, Bengana fry {fried aubergines} and papad, and then add on non vegetarian mains such as Murighanta {fish head cooked in dal}, Patot Diya Gahori {pork cooked with lettuce} or the Duck curry. Axomi’s Khorikat Pura Gahori is chunks of juicy pork stuffed into a hollow bamboo skewer and grilled till done. The result is gorgeous smoky flavours in the meat. Don’t forget to ask the staff if they have fresh stock of Bhoot Jolokia chillies, which you can buy off them.

So, We’re Thinking…

Carnivores will love this place, and so will pescatarians. Plus, the hearty Veg Thali ought to please those who like to stay away from eating meat and fish too.