Aziz Ansari Is Bringing His Humour To India This May And You've Got To Go

Bringing his show, Road to Nowhere, Aziz Ansari is coming to India this May, and you can't miss it! Doing two shows each in Mumbai (May 24 and May 25, at Tata Theatre) and New Delhi (May 26 at Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, 3pm and 6pm), the comedian's new set is apparently rather different to his earlier work. An LBB Informant who caught the show in London says Ansari's humour still funny, but the satire is slightly withheld. Largely, we presume due to the #MeToo incident of last year. But garnering all his wit and ability to take the mundane and make it hilarious, expect Ansari to talk about everything from morality, racism, not being "white", his relationship with family and of course, politics of the world. So, book your tickets to the show, and to Mumbai or Delhi, and catch this funny man in action.