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Get Back To Basics With This Stationery Brand That Celebrates Everyday Life

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    Back To Basics is a brand that celebrates everyday life through their stationery and artwork. Get your dose of happiness by heading to their studio to purchase some art!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Back To Basics is a company that does many things - illustrations, architecture and construction consultancy. The main attraction is its merchandise - stationery and artwork. With the intention of celebrating daily life, their journals, postcards and files all reflect it. You can find art journals for watercolours (with recycled paper for binding) and postcards with the process of making banana chips ( I mean, who doesn’t love banana chips?).

    Their recent collection is dedicated to artists on the go and those who spend time outdoors. With folders and art books that are compact and fit in little bags, check their stuff out if you like to draw or want to gift something artsy. They also conduct workshops on illustrating for adults and kids so you can take time off to bond with your family and friends over doodling. They even customise workshops for private events and birthday parties so you can have fun with your little one (call them up for more information on this). With postcards starting at INR 70, shop on their website soon.


    Back To Basics has a studio in Cox Town so in case you want to buy from them in person, call and head!

      Available Online