Camp Under The Stars At The Pet Friendly, Green Backyard Camp, Just Two Hours From Bangalore

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What Makes It Awesome

Kaushik Bajibab and Gana Kedlaya, partners and passionate environmentalists, opened up their lovely farm to fellow nature lovers. Located in the village of Sathnur, that’s less than a two-hour drive from the city, Backyard Camp is their dream child. Amidst the lush greenery, the couple has erected elevated tents where you can camp under the open, blue skies.

Backyard Camp promotes the ‘Leave No Trace’ lifestyle so don’t expect the luxuries of glamping here. However, for INR 2,700 per person, you get the on-deck accommodation (raised wooden deck) and three meals (lunch, dinner and next day's breakfast). The check-in is at 12pm and the checkout on the following day at 10am. The tents come surrounded by green hills in the distance and there’s also a lake nearby. Perfect for a New Year's Eve party with the fam, we think. Plus, there’s the lush farm with over 1,000 trees that includes Jamun, Neem, Cassia, and Jacaranda trees. There are also orchards, wild trees and medicinal plants growing in the area for the added aesthetic and nature love, especially if you want to be amidst thick nature. Do not expect typical resort adventures like rain dances and so on as these guys focus more on connecting with nature via short hikes (on request), walk to the nearby lake for bird watching and games like badminton and carrom. Deck of cards are also available on request. There is even a library in the premises where you can couch yourself as you immerse into some fiction with the nature in the background.  

For those of you who are looking to take a break from city life and do nothing, this place is perfect. You can take endless naps or curl up with a book or practice those guitar skills. They are pet-friendly as well so you can have your pooch roam freely around and enjoy the holiday as well. 

Pro Tip

They prepare only vegetarian food in their kitchen but if you do want some meat, carry your own meat and have it barbecued there yourself. You can ask them for their barbeque setup. Enquire with through LBB to know more