Hit The Road To This Rustic Retreat Hidden Between Hills And Paddy Fields For A Digital Detox

Baevu - The Village

Great For


If you want to enjoy the hills and village life without actually leaving city limits, Baevu is a farm resort that is a two hour drive from Bangalore and will make you forget you ever had a phone!

What Makes It Awesome

The co-founder wanted to recreate the experiences and memories she grew up with in her grandfather’s farm and so started the nature-based retreat Baevu. With no WiFi and spotty cell reception, the space forces you to go on a digital detox (especially for all you obsessive Instagrammers and workaholics) and embrace wilderness walks and traditional massages. If you’re planning on visiting with a significant other, we suggest trying some Ghost movie style pottery making and catching gorgeous sunsets together (we’re considering finding a lover just to visit and cuddle at this spot).

The houses here are roofed with beautiful terracotta red tiles, skylights and are constructed in traditional thoti-mane style. But what’s a vacation (even a staycation) without blue waters that you could dip into? The luxe element of the swimming pool is what draws a lot of people to the resort. So if you’re tired of getting drunk every weekend, drive out of the city for two hours until you stumble upon the gorgeous 30-acre property that hides between paddy fields and hillocks!


Since the retreat is located 80 kms away from the city centre, in the district of Kanakapura, we suggest taking your own mode of transportation or relying on inter-city travel services.

Baevu - The Village