Bucket Bags And Clutches At INR 200! This Secret Budget Bazaar Is Every Bag Lovers' Dream

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If you love bags, then we’ve found your idea of heaven. In one of the many lanes in Jayanagar lies a budget bag land that has all kinds of bags at great prices.

What Makes It Awesome

Right next to Jayanagar’s BDA Shopping Complex, we spotted a lane with a peculiar hustle and bustle and we decided to follow the crowd. As we made our way in, we spotted what we could only describe as mountains of bags, in all kinds and colours. Yep! This is pretty much the Holy Grail when it comes to budget bags. Backpacks, handbags, pouches, clutches, bucket bags and totes, find them all here and that too at great prices. Starting at a measly INR 50, most of the bags on offer here are under INR 1,000.

We should mention that most of bags here aren’t of the greatest quality and you will be able to spot plenty of designer knock-offs, but that doesn’t mean these run low on style. We found ones with tassels, faux leather ones in any colour you’d want, backpacks with Aztec prints, clutches with rhinestones and metallic designs too. And the best part, they all start at around INR 200, so you can stock your closet with a new bag for each day of the week, without worrying about emptying your pockets.


This bag bazaar is pretty easy to miss as it’s situated right at the back of the BDA Complex, at the end of a narrow lane. At its opening, the lane is dotted with book stalls and magazine stands, but you’ll find this bag heaven after you make your way all the way in. A great spot to put your bargaining skills to the test, bag yourself the best deals here.