Have Your Cake And Eat It Too With This Brand’s Baking Kits

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What Makes It Awesome

Want to bake but too intimidated by the perfection required? Bake11 should sort you out. To really help you earn your dessert, they not only send you instructions to bake your favourite dessert, the exact ingredients required, premeasured, and mixed in some cases (dry ingredients).

Bake11 started when COVID-19 shut down most of our go-to dessert parlours, and the founders wanted to satisfy their cravings themselves. But baking can be intimidating, so why take the risk of buying ingredients and trying to find a recipe that may or may not work with what’s at hand? Bake11 basically solves all those problems. You just have to go to their website, choose the dessert you’re craving (anything from cookies and fudgy brownies and tres leches and macaroons! Available dessert kits all come with serving sizes, ingredients (available in the box, and optional ones that you can choose or source), and equipment needed. Some of them also come with the option of getting a vegan or eggless variant. The classics like brownies, cookies, and red velvet cupcakes (among other commonly craved desserts) remain, but you’ll find occasional special options, as well as seasonal and festive ones.

Prices start at INR 199, and go up to INR 699, and they deliver across Bangalore. It comes to you within the day (or 24 hours max) in a box, and all you have to do is follow the instructions, and your dessert will be perfect. I ordered the chocolate chunk cookies and it was over before it could even cool down completely!


If you have any other specifications (allergies, or preferences), do let Bake11 know while placing your order, and they’ll do their best to accommodate them. Soon they hope to ship pan-India too.