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Lifestyle Brand Beruru Shares Trends For 2022 To Transform Your Outdoor Space

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No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, there’s no denying the beauty of alfresco living. After all, what’s not to love about a setting that allows you to enjoy fresh air, spend more time in the sun and live a more peaceful life. All it takes is the perfect balcony/outdoor space and the right decor to create a mini oasis that’s bursting with personality. Folks from the lifestyle brand, Beruru, gave us some tips and tricks on how to nail the 2022 trends when it comes to gardens, balcony greenery and bringing the great outdoors...inside. 

Get In A Warm Look

This comfortable colour palette is associated with rustic earth elements that are best for cozy 'outdoor living.' The beautiful thing about these tones is that they can soften any-sized space, from balconies to backyards.

Get The Look From Beruru: Choose Wooden Patio Bench along with Rustic Wooden Table or Cinnamon Teak wood chair in a warm finish, or perhaps French Bistro Chair in cane or weave cane chairFrost Distressed Wooden planter since the natural wear-and-tear over the years can actually enhance the rusticity of these tones.

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Accents With Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns look rustic, providing the right touch of décor to sunny or a cold winter night setup. – While providing warm lighting. Place a decorative lantern on the table or get a wall hanging lantern to fill up empty space and add a little bit of beauty to the backyard scene. If a pitcher/glasses set isn’t enough for décor on its own, try incorporating a lantern, planter, vase, jar, pot, basket, Coffee mugs, coasters tray, or wine cooler to balance out the aesthetic.

Get The Look From Beruru: Cylindrical Hanging LightDome Terracotta Pendant LampCane Pendant Lamp, Breeze teapotArch oval tray, Joey pottery coffee mug with coasters, Blue and natural cane tray, Galvanised ice bucket or Bluebell glass vase.

Get The Look From LBB: Amoli Concepts, 528Hz Homes or check out plenty more here in our lanterns collection. 

Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening goes hand-in-hand with container gardening, especially hydroponics container gardening which uses less water and soil and relies on a mineral solution for plant nutrients. Make container gardening chic with patterned, colorful planters.

Get The Look From Beruru: Opt for Canopus PlanterUnwavered Uncle planter, Phoenix Matt White planter, or White Pebble pot.

Get The Look From LBB: Conscious natural-material planters or have a look at our planters and plants here.  

Stick To One Style

One of our game-changing, space-maximizing outdoor ideas is to decorate with a consistent aesthetic. Not only does this method ensure a cohesive look, but it also helps visually enlarge the space you have. If you want to create a breezy boho vibe, bring in pieces crafted with materials like sturdy resin wicker and jute. A natural yet colourful palette will also elevate your backyard balcony.

Get The Look From Beruru: Beruru offers varied outdoor décor options in jute products; like Blossom planter, Macadamia basket, Synthetic wicker table or Shobha wicker chair or add tall wicker lantern and colourful Twilight pouf to accentuate the space.

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Less Is More: Keep It Simple


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As we explore balcony ideas, a tip that is especially valuable for creating the illusion of more space is to opt for designs with clean lines. The more minimalist, the better since you want to eliminate any visual clutter. Sleek metal legs that are open and airy are the perfect example of a modern outdoor look that would truly maximize your balcony.

Get The Look From Beruru: Choose from Prim metal ornament to hang on the wall, Tipai planter stand, or Gold Metal Bowl with stand,  this metal bowl decor piece will enhance your corner. The gold finish adds a touch of sophistication to any space to Metal Trap Basket Table, when you’re looking for small balcony furniture, multipurpose pieces are paramount. Get your hands on the Odessa trolley or this galvanised metal trolley serves multiple purposes. This cart can come in handy while hosting a gathering. Beruru offers Graham chair, rechargeable Copper Table Lamp, Deck light pendant light, or Agnes star decor pendant to add a little simple yet elegant decoration.

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