The scoop

Bamboo bazaar in Shivajinagar offers all kinds of old furniture: from antique pieces to MDF (multi-density fibreboard), and metal variety.

The style

If you get lucky, you can get teak wood / rose wood furniture for dirt cheap. But you need to have an eye for good quality furniture or else you will end up with something that can’t be salvaged.

What we love

On a lucky day, finding antique wood furniture in teak/rose wood with good craftsmanship.

Who it’s for

It’s a great place for DIY-ers. Especially if you are good at figuring out the quality of wood and damage done to it. And other old furniture enthusiasts who like to get some good pieces at cheap rates.


If you are not an expert then make sure you take someone with you who has a knowledge of wood quality as well as someone who knows the worth of a furniture piece. Be also careful of damaged furniture. Some can’t be restored.

Where: Bamboo Bazaar, Shivajinagar.

Price: INR 100 upwards

Featured image by: Sunita Suhas