New to the city and looking for a place where you can score some second-hand furniture? Or, perhaps you’re just someone hoping to find some like-minded people to bond with. Whatever may be on your mind, Facebook is bound to have an answer for you {no kidding!}. How, you ask? Be it to sell a spare ticket or to keep track of great workshops and plays, there’s a city-based group for everything on the social network. LBB picks out ten Facebook groups that might come in handy, whether you’re new to the city or looking out for hidden gems.

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Second To None

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Second To None


A group that’s solely for buying and selling used, recycled and upcycled goods, Second To None was started way back in 2011 by Anu Gummaraju, Reena Chengappa and Shilpa Kamat. The Facebook group {with over 1 lakh members} now has a website as well, listing out products offered by sellers in the forum. Going beyond furniture, clothes and books, you’ll also find gadgets, kitchen accessories and vehicles on offer.

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Bombat Dawgz


Planning a day out with your dog and want to find a pet-friendly restaurant? Or perhaps, you want recommendations on pet stores or clinics for your pup? You’ll find all that and more on Bombat Dawgz. From reviews of useful products to pet healthcare tips, this one brings together handy information for dog parents and dog lovers in the city. You’ll also find adoption requests and posts on lost dogs.

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Bangalore Foodies Club


If you’re a foodie in the ooru, then chances are that you must have already come across this group. With over 54,000 members, Bangalore Foodies Club is where you can ask for {or post} everything from suggestions for your weekend dinner plans to reviews of that all-new restaurant in town. With recipes, informative posts and plenty of food porn, the discussions here delve into cooking and latest food trends.

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Put Me In Touch {PMIT}


Electricians, furniture stores, services, freelancers — whatever you might be looking for, Put Me In Touch is sure to have an answer. Especially handy for newbies in the city, this is one great way of reaching out to people or places you might not otherwise know of. Much like having a huge friends list, as the group’s description says. Being the treasure trove of information that it is, you might even spot posts asking for tips to remove pen marks from laptops or where to find spray paints in the city.

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Bangalore Craft Lovers


A group for crafts people, artists and enthusiasts, these folks take the group quite seriously. So, no advertisements, spam or promotional posts! Apart from gawking at the crafty creations of fellow members {for inspiration, perhaps?} and checking out upcoming workshops and events, you also get to ask for tips for your own projects.

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Bangalore Workshops And Courses


With the number of workshops hosted in the city, there’s quite a lot you can sign up for if you’re hoping to learn new skills. Wondering how to keep track of all that’s happening? Bringing together workshops across different categories like art, craft and cooking, Bangalore Workshops And Courses will have you sorted.

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Spare Tickets – Bangalore


Whether you’re doing a last minute hunt for tickets to that otherwise-sold-out new release or hoping to sell the spare tickets you have at hand, hit up this group. Kabali to IPL matches, you’re bound to find spare tickets for everything.

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Bangalore Makerspace and Open Source Creativity


Working with local makerspaces, this Facebook group goes all out to encourage makers and hobbyists in the city. Apart from information on upcoming workshops and events, you’ll get to see posts on things made by DIY enthusiasts, ranging from metalwork and woodwork to electronics and robotics. Started by Kavita Arora {city-based maker}, the group also has offline meetings every month.

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Bangalore Startups


Known to be the hub of startups, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t have a group for aspiring as well as up and coming entrepreneurs. Be it to promote your startup, find an investor, share useful articles or even to find a partner for your venture, Bangalore Startups is the group to join.

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Bangalore Theatre Circuit


Play reviews to upcoming shows, Bangalore Theatre Circuit has it all. With quite a few theatre persons and companies as part of the group, you can also expect posts on casting calls, internship offers and festivals in the city.

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