Groom And Grow: Become A Groomsman Of The Bangalore Beard Club

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Have a beard? Want to flaunt it for a good cause? Then go ahead, join the brotherhood at the Bangalore Beard Club.

No Shave, Forever

Yes, you read it right. Bangalore, in its eternal quest to be all-inclusive, officially has a beard club. Started by Vishal Singh, an event planner by profession but traveller by passion, the quirky club for the well-whiskered was started last year. And don’t think you can just grow a bread and join in. They mean serious business. That is exactly why you’re chosen to be part of the crew. Or as we like to call them – The Groomsmen.

Whiskers And Cigars

While they meet up for fun in the form of bike rides, barbecues, whiskey and cigar nights {like proper gentleman, see} and even a hint of preening at photoshoots, these guys, along with great bears, come with greater hearts. They work a lot with charities {including Yuvraj Singh’s YOUWECAN Cancer Charity to support health issues through fun events. Nothing quite like a band of bearded fellows to get attention eh?

Have A Stubble?

Well, that’s a great start, but you’re going to need more than just that. Since the members are chosen very selectively, make sure your whiskers are top-notch and really well-groomed. Plus, you’ll need to be generous with time and kind to help at the events. So, if you’re ready to brave the itch before the glory, go on, sign up and become part of the beardo brotherhood!