This Secret Book Group Will Surprise You By Hiding Books At A Metro Station

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Our favourite kind of treasure hunt, the Bangalore Book Hunt hides books at the Cubbon Park Metro station, so that you can stumble upon them, pick them up and of course enjoy them.

A Literary Treasure Hunt

Namma Metro rides just got a whole lot more exciting as the Bangalore Book Hunt is hiding books at the metro station, in order to make our daily commute a little less mundane. Started by two college kids who wanted to create a local community around books, Neil and Jerusha came up with the idea of hiding books at the metro station as the two took the metro around a lot. On their journeys, they noticed their fellow commuters being so caught up in their lives and where they had to be that they just let life pass them by {literally} without paying much attention to what surrounded them. They then began hiding books in the Cubbon Park Metro Station and encouraged people to go look for them, in a bid to make them a bit more conscious and aware of what was around them and live in the moment.

Find. Read. Hide.

So how does this work? Three simple steps. Find the books hidden somewhere at the metro station {look to their Facebook and Instagram for clues} and pick them up. The books should be easy to identify, as they have the Bangalore Book Hunt logo on them. Once found, don’t forget to post on the community’s social media handles with the #BangaloreBookHunt. Pick the book up for free and have yourself a good read. Keep your reading time to under two weeks though, as there are plenty of other people waiting to get their hands on these literary treasures. Once done, put them back where you found them or get creative and hide them somewhere new. As of now the Bangalore Book Hunt hides their books only at the Cubbon Park Metro Station. But depending on how the community grows, they’re planning to start hiding them in other stops as well. Follow the Facebook Page here to keep track.