Get A Fresh Dose of Barley And Hops at Bangalore Brew Works

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Bangalore Brew Works on Residency Road is a popular microbrewery that serves global fare and craft beer with a rustic ambience.

What Makes It Awesome

Bangalore Brew Works is a microbrewery on Residency Road that serves some great craft beer. And while you know the drill with the main course, we’re digging into what will go well with drinks. Our favourite is the Meat-Eater’s Platter loaded with fried-to-perfection calamari or prawn, kebabs, and grilled butter fish. Although a veggie option exists, we suggest you try the Loaded Potato Skins or the Cheesy Jalapeño. If you eat pork though, order the Brats On Board – chicken and pork sausages (in Bratwurst style) with a homemade mustard dip, and thank us later.

Fans of dark beers, Commercial Stout pleased our livers most for its tan head and bitter after taste. If you’re good with beer, notes of caramel, chocolate and even coffee come through. Fresh and fruity, Richmond Ale is perfect for beginners. Those who like it spiced up, our pick is the Majestic Wheat – with a touch of orange, cardamom and black pepper. German-style Brigade Lager will please the masses, so go easy on this as you may not know when to stop. A bit of an upmarket pub, the minimalist wooden décor keeps things cool here. Sit by the pool for a quiet time or jump into the action at the bar side. Music can make it hard for a romantic date unless screaming is your idea of foreplay.