Talk, Swap, Borrow Tomes at Bring Your Own Book Club



    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Can’t stop gushing about that book you love? Join Bangalore Bring Your Own Book Club and talk all you want, meet fellow bookworms and even swap books!

    Books galore

    Veering away from the traditional concept of book clubs, Bring Your Own Book Club doesn’t involve the group reading a specific book and discussing it. Instead, you get to talk about that exciting novel you just finished (or an all-time favourite even)! Be it a short outline (no spoilers allowed, of course) or pointing out what you liked and didn’t, you get to introduce books you’ve been longing to talk about. And then, listen on as fellow members chat about their favourites. Expect reviews of books from varied genres, fantasy and drama to non-fiction and inspirational ones. If a particular book piques your interest, you can even strike up an exchange with the member!

    Once you’ve had a session of the book chatter, you can go around, connect with fellow readers, pick up a book, help yourself to some snacks and, in short, have a gala time. We love that they are equally welcoming towards those who have just taken to books as well as avid readers.

    Club rules

    Make sure you carry a book (preferably one you’ve read). Electronic versions are also welcome, so all you e-reader owners don’t have to think twice. The club has a surplus library which lets you borrow or lend, if you have one (or more) to spare. All transactions are duly recorded, and excuses of having lost the book or returning a damaged book are a strict no-no (yes, they do have a penalty, which is used for buying more books). While it is mostly free of cost, you might be informed (in advance) to pay for certain meetings.

    Become a member of Bangalore BYOB here.

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