Ten-second takeaway

Pay INR 5 for every minute that you spend at the new The Minute Bistro. But the food and drinks are free.

The backstory

Two entrepreneurs got together {ah, isn’t that how every story starts in this city these days?} and turned an empty rooftop in Kasturinagar into a Mediterranean-style restaurant. That’s not all: it’s a coworking space as well. You can also look forward to a giant television, free food, Wi-Fi, books and magazines, board games, and more.

The idea is to charge you for your time, not your food. Cafes running along similar lines include the Russian Ziferblat, which has outlets in Moscow and London.

So, we’re thinking…

That kind of games the system for those of us who do the old dash-in-and-dash-out of a cafe, don’t you think? But we’ll wait and watch – this is clearly a space that wants you to linger.

Where: The Minute Bistro, 419, 2nd Main, Kasturinagar

Contact: +91 9916173613

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

The story first appeared in the Metroplus section of The Hindu. Read the full story here.

Featured Photo: The Minute Bistro