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Have A Day To Spare? Go To Bannerghatta Nature Camp

Aakanksha posted on 4th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Brave the traffic and pollution to escape to Bannerghatta Nature Camp, a sanctuary for rustic living in the middle of 25,000 acres of natural beauty. And it’s right here in the heart of the city.

In A Nutshell

Lie on a hammock reading, run a solid trail in the middle of the jungles or just sip some tea on the deck of your log cabin — Bannerghatta Nature Camp is a kick back destination just 25kms from city-centre. With the Bannerghatta National Park for your backyard, how could you possibly not want to camp here… Permanently?

Don’t Miss This

Lunch and dinner should be had at the rooftop of Gol Ghar. With an uninterrupted 360 degree view of the vast green jungles, your city woes will disappear and you’ll be mocking those stuck in the concrete jungle. The food only helps make things better. Don’t expect gourmet, but settle in for home-style dalchawal, chicken curry {or what is locally known as Koli Saaru} redolent with spices. View plus good food — surely it doesn’t get better?

Give It A Skip

They organise campfires which for some may be exciting. But since we’re not the biggest fans of burning precious wood, we happily skip this. If your entire party agrees to not having a campfire, the resort itself will oblige rather gleefully. So, go on, help conserve the environment. And your health, really!

On The Bucket List

The Lion-Bear-Tiger Safari is a top highlight. Not slotted into inhumane cages, these beasts roam the reserve freely {there is a safety enclosure, of course} and it’s quite an experience to see them in their natural habitat. There’s over 75 bears, and 35 plus lions and tigers each, for you to marvel at. And the best part? These animals have been rescued from illegal circuses and entertainment groups.

Stay A Night

If you don’t want to rush back to reality, check in for a few nights. Typical to all Jungle Lodge properties, their log cabins and wooden chalets are rustic and basic but you’ll feel like you’re very far from civilisation. A small price to pay for that delightful feeling, eh? For the real camping feel, the Swiss tent and tented cottages will do the trick. Want to really rough it out with the whole crew? Opt for their 32-bed dormitory and the party will never end!


There’s a 20 per cent discount on the rates until August 31, 2016 so make your reservations, ASAP.

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Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bannerghatta-Kagalipura Road, Near Hakki-Pikki Colony, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru

  • Nearest Metro Station : Mysore Road

Bannerghatta Nature Camp