Spa Bars, Face Wash Or Straws: We’re In Love With This Brand's Organic And Zero-Waste Products


With the earth’s existence, genuinely under threat, Bare Necessities makes it easier to do you bit with zero-waste products such as straws, soaps and detergent.

What Makes It Awesome

You officially have no more excuses for using plastic straws and plastic and chemical coated soap. Bare Necessities will win you over with a wonderful range of products in the lifestyle, personal care and home care department. And the best part? They deliver all over the country. Literally the bare necessities, this brand is all about protecting the environment, in any little way possible. We are huge fans of the spa bars — essentially bars of soap, that come in flavours such as basil-rosemary, orange-cinnamon, turmeric among others. Check out their cute names too. The haldi one is And It Was All Yellow, while The Herbalist is the basil meets rosemary.

Our latest discovery from Bare Necessities is the Rosy Cheeks makeup remover. It’s magic, y’all! Made from rose water and coconut oil, it not only takes out makeup, but also leaves your face free of sweat, grime and oil. Phew! No more fighting with that eyeliner, that leaves you looking like a racoon. There’s also an oatmeal face wash, a coffee-based body scrub {innovatively called Espresso Yourself!} and a dry shampoo that’s got cocoa in it, to add to your bath cabinet. We just need to make sure we don’t eat these up, as they smell delicious. It goes beyond just your bath and body works too. The brand also has lavender detergent, a baby safe version that completely natural, and low on fragrance too, as well as a lemongrass dish washing detergent, that will leave your tableware squeaky clean. 


The website has gift boxes which we think are perfect to give, and set someone else on this greener path, or just give them the cool steel reusable straws available.