This Restaurant Helps Create A Slice Of Punjab, Right Here In Koramangala

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Bhatinda Junction is the newest Punjabi restaurant in Koramangala and with cosy charpais, tall glasses of lassi, and loud Punjabi music. We are saying balle balle to this restaurant.

Chow Down

Shahi Paneer, Garlic Butter Naan and Gajar Ka Halwa

Sip On

Their mindblowing Sweet Lassi

Winning For

The dhaba-like ambience, good food and speedy service.

Lowdown On The Ambiance

Bathinda Junction wants you to work hard climbing up to their open air, rooftop location on the third floor, but with words of encouragement scribbled on the walls. They also mention how many more steps you need to conquer all the way up. How sweet of them! Work out done? Now time to feast. Once you reach, you can collapse on a bunch of cosy charpais and look up to the charming thatched roof {it’s alas a false ceiling}. The walls have cheeky messages such as ‘butter chicken on the way’ and strangely, a display of miniature cycles. There is obviously loud and lovely Punjabi music on speakers to make you get the dhaba feels.

Menu Overdose

The menu here is huge and going through it can be overwhelming. We focused hard and finally zeroed in on the Shahi Paneer, butter naan and an omelette { omelettes are our favourite dhaba food}, all to be washed down with a tall glass of lassi. The service is speedy and friendly here and we didn’t have to wait for our food for too long. The lassi here gets top marks because of how thick, creamy and delicious it is. The Shahi Paneer checked all the right boxes with the butter naan only elevating the taste. We ended the meal with a bowl of sticky Gajar Ka Halwa, which was our favourite.

So We’re Thinking…

When we crave north Indian food, we are definitely heading back here. Plus, the fact that a meal for two here will only cost INR 600 and that too if you eat a lot.


Bhatinda Junction Is located on the third floor and there is no elevator to take you up. Plus, the restaurant tends to get crowded during weekends, so make a reservation.