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Grilled Prawns, Biryani & A Cotton Candy Station: BBQ'd Is Putting The Fun Back In Buffets

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BBQ’d by Massive Restaurants is UB City’s newest restaurant, which is in the business of lunch and dinner buffets. Apart from the usual curries, makhanis and biryani, look out for quirky chaat, twisted desserts {coffee rasgullas anyone} and of course a live cotton candy station.

Chow Down

Live grills done right at your table, the fun selection of desserts, and the cotton candy of course, for nostalgia’s sake.

Sip On

You can pick from craft beer from Massive Restaurants’ other venture to pair with your meal or pick from the usual colas or fresh lime water. But you can do alcohol packages.

Winning For

You are not likely to get any other Value For Money buffet situations in UB City. BBq’d is actually great for group office lunches and for ladies who lunch, if doing buffets is your thing. In fact, this is the exact target audience we found dining here, when we check out the restaurant.

Lowdown On The Ambience

If you have already been to Made In Punjab {BBQ’d used to be the former}, you will see that the ambience, seating and decor remain the same. One piece of advice: the booth type seating near the windows, is low and is really tough to get up from especially when you are piling up your plate and tucking in with great gusto. The seating is meant to house groups rather than lone diners. And lunch time tends to be a crowded affair here.

What's On The Menu?

Start off your meal with some papri chaat or the more unusual curd rice chaat. Yes, there is such a dish available here. Then a bunch of skewered fruits, veggies {broccoli and cauliflower}, chicken tikkas, fish, and prawns are placed on a live barbeque station right at your table. Brush them with some oil and grill them to your choice. Then pick from any of the six dips {mayo, pudina chutney, chipotle, etc} on your table to mop these up with. We love the juicy and tender prawns, and the grilled pineapples on our table. Plus, we also got a supply of shami kebabs and another chicken kebab too.

Starters done, we head towards the buffet zone which was really crowded. Elbowing our way in, we piled our plates with mutton yakhni biryani, raita, malai kofta, and dal makhani. There is a separate station to do healthy salads and an entire section for interesting papads, pickles and other condiments. We also tried a South-style fish curry with rice and a Punjabi palak chana dish with a smokey flavour. There was also naan and lachcha parathas to go with our curries. While we found the mains the same, same as any buffet, it was the dessert section which had us. Our absolute favourite was the aromatic coffee rasgulla. Carrot cake, beetroot halwa, and hot chocolate fudge cake were other highlights, all bite sized.

Finally, just for the sake of it, we ordered ourselves a cotton candy floss, which was made right in front of us and you can pick your choice of toppings — from sprinkles to chocolate chips and more. You can also opt for an old fashioned soft serve here.

So, We're Thinking...

If you are interested in tucking into a big buffet with your fam in the centre of town, then BBQ’D can be a good option. Plus, you can also window shop or hang out at UB City afterwards, to shed some of those calories you are bound to put on after eating this buffet.

Price: Monday to Saturday, INR 580 plus tax {vegetarian} and INR 690 plus tax {non vegetarian} for lunch; INR 660 plus tax {vegetarian} and INR 775 plus tax {non vegetarian} on Sundays. For dinner: Monday to Tuesday, INR 660 plus tax {non vegetarian} and INR 775 {non vegetarian} plus tax; Wednesday to Sunday, INR 830 plus tax {vegetarian} and INR 953 plus tax {non vegetarian} for dinner.


There is an early bird offer {read discounts} for those who walk in for a buffet dinner on weekdays between 6.30 and 7.30pm.