Life Is A Beach: Check Into These Beautiful Resorts In Varkala

    Whether it’s surfing, eating local fare or pampering yourself with Ayurvedic massages, Varkala Beach is all that you need to enjoy a seaside holiday. Relax here and get rid of stress with nature therapy courtesy waves crashing on the rocks. We’ve put together a list of beach resorts that you could choose from -- along the cliffside or just on the seashore.

    Palm Tree Heritage Resort

    Palm Tree Heritage is popular for its sea-facing rooms and easy access to the private Odayam beach. Head to this resort and fulfil all your beach junkie dreams. Complete with all amenities, they also have a spa and wellness centre along with a honeymoon suite (for those of you on baecation).

    Blooming Bay Resort

    Perched on a cliff, the Blooming Bay Resort offers sweeping views of the sea. The resort has a handful of rooms and cottages that come with small balconies for days you want to spend reading and watching the sunset. Use the spa here to rid yourself of ailments and stress. Priced INR 2,500 upwards, this makes for a trip that’ll be worth your time.

    InDa Hotel

    InDa Hotel is a slice of heaven tucked away in Varkala. With winding roads, white cottages and sloping roofs that have earthy vibes, the resort is structured around nature here with walls built around trees (instead of chopping them). With two restaurants on the property, enjoy local fare and bike rides to nearby beaches after early morning yoga.

    Blue Water Beach Resort

    A private seaside resort adjacent to Varkala beach, each independent wooden cottage here is made in the traditional Kerala style and has amazing views of the Arabian sea. Enjoy local fare, a private balcony and amenities like yoga and Ayurvedic treatments, get ready to be pampered while you bask in the sun and swim in the sea.

    Bamboo Village

    Although not a resort, the Bamboo Village has huts that are close to the beach, pet-friendly and affordable. Indulge in the sun, sea and sand for just INR 500 a night! With sea-facing rooms, stay in a group here after checking into their twin rooms. There’s also a library and garden terraces on the premises if you want to just read and soak in the salty vibes.