6 Speciality Blends, 1 Local Brand: Coffee So Good, You May Break Into Song!

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What Makes It Awesome

BeanSong coffee promises us a cuppa that we will look forward to waking up to and tbh, we're sold. Not because they say so, but because the coffee from here seems legit. For one, their range of 6 delightful blends of coffee has one of our all time favourites, South Indian Filter Coffee or Kapi, a blend that we hear is hard to put down. That's all our ears needed to hear and are palate longs to taste, but if you're a bit of a coffee snob, you'd also be pleased to know that only the finest, high-quality coffee beans are hand picked as cherries from estates of Coorg and Chikmagalur before being pulped, fermented, sun-dried, roasted and ground to give you absolutely fresh coffee. In short, it's the beans and the roasting that BeanSong shares, makes their coffee so perfect. 

For the many purists, like we said BeanSong's range boasts a 100% Pure Filter Coffee. There's a blend available with chicory too, in case that's your jam. If you're feeling fancy, and want to try the BeanSong team's personal fave, try Red Honey - a single-estate coffee from Crystal Estate, smooth and delicious! Black Coffee and Espresso come next followed by #somethingdifferent - a Barrel Brew micro-lot coffee processed and ages in brandy barrels that gives it a very unique, distinctive bold flavour. 

All BeanSong coffees are available as single use drip bags too, just for sake of convenience. Perfect for those who lack equipment but want a taste just as good as coffee brewed in a filter or espresso machine. On that note, keep your eyes peeled for BeanSong is also on its way to launch coffee equipment!


BeanSong coffee is available on the LBB Shop. Prices start at INR 325, a great number for speciality coffee if you ask us.