Tame That Beard: Oils To Groom Your Facial Hair, Under INR 500


    Menfolk, if you are mighty proud of your beard, then you gotta keep it groomed. No, there is no need to create a many-step ritual around grooming and maintaining your beard, but sometimes a wash and a quick application of beard oils will do. And with the market flooded with so many men’s grooming products and beard oils all of a sudden {we think it is directly proportional to men growing beards as a fashion statement}, we thought we would bring you our picks of beard grooming oils, that will leave you with shiny facial hair, but won’t take the shine off your wallets.

    Mooch And Beard Oil

    Ingredients: Coconut oil and wheatgerm oil.

    Brand: Ustraa by Happily Unmarried

    Price: INR 400 for a pair

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    Beard And Moustache Oil

    Ingredients: Lavender, ginger and lemon.

    Brand: Soulflower

    Price: INR 450

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    Beardo Lite Moustache And Beard Oil

    Ingredients: Mineral oil, Almond oil, caster oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, aloevera extract.

    Brand: Beardo

    Price: INR 250

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    Lavender And Cedarwood Beard Oil

    Ingredients: Lavender and cedarwood oil. Paraben free.

    Brand: The Man Company

    Price: INR 350

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    Citrus Beard Hair Oil

    Ingredients: Natural oil blends of jojoba, argan, grape seeds and wheat germ (Vitamin E).

    Brand: Singh Styled

    Price: INR 499

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