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This Newest Brewery Serves Six Amazing Beers On Tap!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Aurum Brew Works is the newest Brewery in Sarjapur Road serving six amazing Beers on tap. Beer Pairing with the fantastic food makes it a memorable experience. The Beer Pairing is a feast on one's tastebuds, where certain dishes brought to you paired with certain Beers gives the exhilarated taste.

-IPA paired with Menasinakai Bajji with Girmit: The bitter IPA with the super spicy Mirchi Bajji and the neutral seasoning of Girmit pinches your tongue and a perfect way to start.

-Hefeweizen paired with Pheni Crusted Prawns: Hefeweizen is a light German wheat beer where the Pheni Crusted Prawn is perfect to blend in with the two mild flavours.

-Stout paired with Melon and Feta Salad: The dark stout with slight choco essence and the very good Melon Feta Salad is amazing. Melon with feta is perfect with basil in the middle and musk melon is an ideal salad. Pair it with a Dark Stout, the fresh melon and the bitter one is a dance on one's pallet.

-Belgian Wit Paired with Pita Platter, Ragi and Corn Nachos: The light Belgian Wit with Nachos is an age-old convention of a Beer lover, except these nachos add a special taste which is made up of Ragi and Corn!! The Humble Mediterranean Pita and Hummus with fresh olives also can be paired with Belgian Wit and hence it would be awesome.

-Amber Lager Paired with Persian Kebab: Persian Kebabs made with less marination but smoked to perfection and red chillies to spice it up with an Amber Lager is smooth and neutralise.

Murg Kalimirch and a Lacha Paratha is a perfect main course. The mild curry with succulent pieces of chicken and black pepper infusion is truly elegant, this goes well with the Lager again.

Desserts here get a huge shout.
-Coffee and Chocolate is an obviously great combination.
-Sticky Toffee Pudding with stout is again a great combination.
-Pecan Pie with a Wit is where both are on the same line of smoothness and an ideal combination.
-Baumkuchen is a Japanese Dessert and also has European inhibitions which are layered to perfection!!

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae.