#FloodTheFortress: Top Reasons You MUST Go To A Bengaluru FC Game

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While Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, divided the city, 2013 saw the city united, bleeding blue and pledging eternal allegiance to Bengaluru FC. And the lads haven’t disappointed us either! With two championships in the I-League, international glory, an ISL table top and a final, and then one super sweet ISL Championship, there’s no reason you should live in Bangalore and not watch BFC games! Here’s more reason for you to catch their remaining games, starting NOW! Go, #FloorTheFortress and make up for lost time! #RoomForMore

Feels Of The West Block Blues

Called The Twelfth Man by the team, the West Block Blues is the best part of a game. Named for the original stand (the west block) full of supporters wearing blue, waving blue, bleeding blue and shouting chants, the entire fan base that sits in the Fortress, backing the blues, is called West Block Blues. One of the most vocal and boisterous sets of fans, you need to be there to experience the fervour. Oh, and make sure you’re wearing team colours or be ready to face the wrath of the 10,000 odd followers! Did we mention that there’s a massive percentage of women too. That’s how strong the BFC pull is! BEE EFF CEE, BEE EFF CEE. 

#LBBTip: For most home games, the entire fan base will march from a particular spot to the stadium. Check out the Facebook page to stay tuned to this.

Witness The Magic Of Sunil Chhetri

The club’s beloved #11, Captain Chhetri is the backbone of the team. Cool when he needs to, feisty when he has to be and just all-round awesome, his play on and off the team is worth witnessing.  One of the finest players in the history of Indian football, Chhetri will make you fall in love with the sport (and him) with one touch of the ball. This is what you call beautiful. There's a reason he's called Captain. Leader. Legend. He's been on a roll (and long may it last) this season, even scoring twice in the game against FC Goa in the first home game of 2020. So you really must not miss him in action! 

Eat Overpriced But Yummy Snacks

OK, you’ll get the same stuff outside The Fortress (that’s what the stadium is called when it comes to BFC) for a lesser price. But hey, who can put a price on popcorn, sandwiches and samosas when you’ve run out of fingernails to chew on! While we’re not sure about the samosas (we still eat them though), we vouch for the sandwiches, burgers and the popcorn. Plus, Masala Muri in old-school paper cones. WIN! 

#LBBTip: Post match, popular places to eat are Arbor Brewing Company (also the official unofficial pub of BFC!), Kudla, The Permit Room, or really anything at UB City. Many a time, you'll even bump into members of the Bengaluru FC team -- both players and support! 

most of the team, and the West Block Blues will end up at Arbor Brewing Company, the official pub of BFC. So see your loyalty to the end and drink a pint there!

Unabashedly Curse And Swear At Opponents And Referees

While you’re shouting yourself hoarse, cheering on Erik Partaalu, Abracadabra Harmanjot Khabra, Uuuuuuudanta and Carles Cuadrat, don’t forget to add in some rowdy chants. I can’t quite list out the chants that are most appropriate to put off the opposing team, suffice to say that it involves wanting to send them home, calling them weak and saying “Give him an Oscar” when the outside team tries to get our boys yellow-carded! But better still is when you can yell at the referee. The only time we approve of using rude words…not the swear words though now. (Un)fortunately those have been officially banned. We know, the team paid the price for telling the referee to immediately depart but in different words! 

Half-Time Entertainment With Eddie

If you’re not familiar with Eddie, the team mascot, make sure you meet him either before a game or during half-time. Eddie is an eagle, and he’s super entertaining! From getting you to do the Spanish wave during the match, waving frantically when the ball’s on the wrong side of the pitch or flapping at the Visitor section when BFC scores, he’s all energy. And when he’s not in action, shift focus to half-time entertainment when fans are picked to get on the pitch and shoot a goal. He's now gone digital in the last week, and we cannot wait to see what he now has in store for us! He's been MIA a lot more these days than before, but when you spot him, it's worth the wait!