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Zendaya Or Sara Ali Khan: 6 Crop Top Trends With Similar Options From INR 299

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By this point, we all know that crop tops are a trend that’s here to stay. It’s actually managed to become a staple for every purpose - be it casual, semi-formal, party wear and the crop top has even made its way into Indian wear. There’s a crop top for nearly every type of outfit, and every style. And here are some trending crop top styles and where you can find similar pieces.

Tank/Vest Style Crop Top


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This is a simple sleeveless or spaghetti-style crop top. Usually made from jersey, or a blend with lycra, this one is a classic. It can be used for layering, or worn as is with pants, a long skirt, or under a dungaree style jumpsuit or dress. While that’s available everywhere, what’s now slowly emerging is one shoulder options. 

You can pick up similar crop tops to the one Bridgeton's Charitha Chandran is sporting from Baesic (INR 750). For basic crop top styles, this one from Clafoutis on Ajio, (INR 300) or this cool, mint option from Westside (INR 299). 

Blouse Style Crop Top With Puffy Sleeves

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Balloon and lantern sleeves of various lengths are trending in 2022, complementing a variety of necklines. Thanks to the resurgence of the 80's aesthetic, puffy sleeves (balloon, lantern, and other voluminous sleeve styles) are here to stay. The sleeve style adds drama to otherwise simple looks, and an element of feminity and romance, making it a popular choice for date looks. Much like this Arabellaa mul crop (INR 2,850) top on Juhi Godambe, there are plenty of options that will look great ideally on high waisted pants, or a long skirt with a slit for a “going out” look. If you love the colour, then check out this crop top from Kalp on LBB (INR 1,600)

Pick up similar crop tops from Urban Suburban  (INR 1,999), La Fiza (INR 1,520) and Liesure Loom (INR 2,961)

Other Brands with great options: Faballey, Limeroad, Zara. 

T-Shirt Style Crop Top


The cropped tee is the most common of them all, as it works with anything - from skirts and shorts to trousers and jeans. We don’t need to tell you that this is the most fuss-free crop top style if you’re looking to look casual. With everything going high-waist (and the rise of the low key luxe aesthetic), cropped tees work well through the year. 

For a plain, simple crop top, check out this cheerful mustard option by KICA  (INR 750), or this one by Bottle & Co (INR 799). Add a fun pop-culture element with this one from The Souled store  (INR 999), and if you want a loose/oversized option to get you to the gym and back (or just to chill in), this jersey crop top from Reebok (INR 698 - discounted). 

Other brands with great options: Forever 21, H&M, Westside 

Shirt Style

We all wish we could wear this custom Valentino cropped shirt that Zendaya wore to the Oscars, but since we don’t have the design house on speed dial, or a grand event to attend, we have found some options that are good for everyday use. This white cropped shirt from Hey Missy (INR 990) is just that. A crisp, white cropped shirt. If you want some detailing, this wrap-around white shirt from Marigold (INR 1,995) pairs well with a skirt, or wide-legged pants. If you really want to channel Zendaya though, this white cropped shirt (INR 1,449) from H&M is as close as it gets to her shirt in this look. 

Other brands with great options: Though not for crisp white shirts, you can check out brands like Kaala Teeka, Sparrow, Fancy Pastels, and Dressberry for more colourful (and indie) options.

For Indian Wear


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Over the past few years, people have been styling sarees and lehengas with crop tops, and they do just fine in achieving that fusion look. Partywear options can quickly be repurposed into glitzy blouses, ideal for the festive season. More sober options can be paired with slacks and a jacket for date nights or house parties. Indya has a whole range of crop tops (starting at INR 420) that are versatile, youthful, and fun. If you’re looking for something similar to Dolly Singh’s outfit here (a Zara shirt that has been tied - not technically a crop top, but achieves the purpose), this top by Twentydresses is similar (INRR 1,117). Of course, any of the mentioned crop top styles and options mentioned in this lists can be used as a saree or (modern) lehenga blouse if you're adventurous enough. 

For more options, you can check out this list here

Micro Crop Top/Bralette Style


The micro crop top (or bralette style) crop top is shorter than a regular crop top, showing a lot more of the midriff. This is very much a Gen-Z driven trend often paired with baggy/cargo style pants or high waist skirts and bucket hats as far as we’ve seen. Though if you’re out and about in town, this is also often accompanied by a jacket for obvious reasons. While Ananya Pande’s bralette top is part of a whole look by Studio Amelia you can get casual options like this one (INR 909) from Forever 21 , H&M, Urban Suburban (INR 2,299). Zara has a limited range of solid coloured micro crop tops too, and they look great as part of a monotone co-ord look, like this one for INR 1590.  Now that summer is nearly here, the early 2000’s trend of tube tops is also making a comeback, and you can get on it with this tube top by Besiva.