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Brown, White, Multi-Grain Or Sour Dough: Where To Get The Best Bread In Town

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From hot-buttered toast to double-decker sandwiches and crusty buns to grilled panini – where would we be without our daily bread? There are disappointing loaves-a-plenty on supermarket shelves, but we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff with our handy list. So look no further than our ultimate bread bible and check out our list of the best bread suppliers in Bangalore.

Café Cassia

The sandwiches at Chef Abhijit Saha’s courtyard café are some of the best in town. Thankfully, you can also pick up their freshly baked bread, and try and recreate them at home. We love their soft and flavourful focaccia. They aren't available for deliveries on Zomato or Swiggy but you can definitely opt for pick ups.

Price: INR 50 upwards

Café Noir

Café Noir makes the list, on account of having the most authentic Parisian baguette which we’ve tasted outside of Paris. And at INR 60 it’s not too expensive, either. They are open for takeaway and have also begun safe, contactless home delivery.

Price: INR 60 upwards


Aside from a hearty Wholewheat Sourdough Loaf, Baguette and Garlic Bread, you can order puffs and  mini-tarts – perfect for packing up and taking on picnics. Feel free to pick up burger buns, pizza bases, and other bakes (where you can pickup individual components and make it yourself at home) The convenience factor is also great – home delivery is available city-wide. Abiding by all safety guidelines Desserted is delivering and is available on Swiggy and Zomato.

Price: INR 30 upwards


Being as this is the place to head for all things gourmet, it’s not surprising that we sniffed out some of the city’s best bread here, too. Ever heard of Quinoa Bread? We hadn’t either, but if you want to introduce superfoods into your loaf, then this is where to get it. The Arabic style soft pitas are as authentic as anything you’ll find in the Middle East, best eaten with za’atar, of course! Foodhall for safety purposes also has a curbside pickup and no-contact delivery together with dine-in.

Price: INR 60 upwards


Ganache, at The Ritz Carlton caters to the five-star crowd, and you can’t get much swankier than their Wine and Pecan or Oat and Cranberry loaves. With prices starting from INR 200, the breads have the price tag to match, but are definitely worth it for special occasions. You can dine-in or opt for takeaway or no-contact delivery.

Price: INR 200 upwards

Nature’s Basket

Rely on their ‘L’exclusive’ range of breads being freshly baked, with everything from cute mini pita breads, to sandwich bread, hotdog rolls and a wholesome multigrain baguette. The Lavash (which also comes in a multigrain option) is also perfect to serve with dips if you’re getting together with friends. You can order bread online from Nature's Basket and have it delivered doorstep. Use Swiggy Genie or Dunzo. 

Price: INR 30 upwards


Apart from having some of the best croissants in the city, Lavonne has a small but mighty selection of breads. Choose from a Sandwich loaf (which they’ll hand-slice for you on request), Focaccia, Baguette or a Multigrain loaf topped with oats, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, linseed and flak seeds. Dine-in here or you can place orders online through Dunzo or Swiggy Genie and have it delivered doorstep. The cafe also has a self-pick up option but we recommend opting for the former as safer option.

Price: INR 60 upwards

Lazy Suzy

Fast gaining a reputation for standout bread, with bonus points for the fact that they bake a gluten-free option which tastes as good as the regular stuff. With no yeast involved this really is slow bread – and it’s all the better for it. Don’t leave without trying the Pullman’s – perfect for those who just want white bread done right. You can place orders online through Dunzo or Swiggy Genie and have your bread delivered doorstep. 

Price: INR 80 upwards

Lluvia Bakery

You can’t score a healthier loaf than Durga’s organic offerings at Lluvia. Reintroduce millets into your life with her latest addition to the range – the high fibre Mixed Millet Loaf. We are partial to the Cinnamon Swirl, Cranberry and Walnut and the Sourdough too. There’s even gluten-free and keto options available. These breads are heavy, so you can get your fill with just a slice or two.  You can order in from the bakery and have doorstep delivery using Swiggy, Zomato or Dunzo. 

Price: INR 55 upwards

Patisserie Nitash

Nitash Lalkaka will warn you that his bakes are not your typical ‘airy, shop-bought loaves’, which is absolutely fine by us. Better known for sweet treats, Nitash also creates incredible breads including Walnut Sourdough, Crusty Baguette, and Wholewheat Sandwich bread, as the fancy takes him. Join the WhatsApp group to find out what he’s making in a particular week, then collect from Cooke Town. Batches can be as small as 15 loaves, so get on to it fast! Patisserie Nitash has in-store pick up options.

Price: INR 100 upwards

Smoke House Deli

With just five breads in the range SHD has clearly put all their energy into getting them just right. There’s Baguette, Focaccia, a Multigrain Cob, German Rye, German Pumpernickel (which is less heavy, and perhaps less authentic than we’ve tasted elsewhere) as well as a stand out Corn Bread. You’ll recognise some from the cute aperitif bread baskets which SHD serve up while you peruse the menu. All outlets provide delivery.

Price: INR 80 upwards

The Cake Shop

The Leela Palace’s bakery doesn’t fall below the standards of the rest of the hotel either, so the bread here is pretty special. We can wolf down the Tomato Bocconcini Brioche or Cherry Tomato and Olive Focaccia just as they come – no butter needed! A less indulgent option is the Semolina and Oatbran Loaf. And they’re not too expensive, so don’t shy away. Call to place your orders with them.

Price: INR 200 plus tax

The Rolling Pin

With Café Max one of our favourite lunch spots, we nearly died and went to heaven when they launched The Rolling Pin Bakery. Shweta Gupta and her German business partner Peter Laass have the best selection of authentic European breads, including Sourdough, Rye bread, and it’s slightly sweeter cousin Pumpernickel. The bakery is personally delivering to doorstep, connect with them on their IG handle. If they don't deliver to your area, you can have the bread Dunzoed.

Price: INR 45 upwards

Thom’s Bakery

This city institution on Wheeler Road more than proves that Old Bangalore can hold its own against swanky new bakeries. We can guarantee that you won’t find better sliced milk loaf, burger buns or masala bread rolls. We’re not as sure about the bread buns infused with tooty frooties, but they’re certainly one-of-a-kind. Plus, the heavenly smell of freshly-baked bread when you land up there. Disclaimer: Thom's Bakery has self-pick and delivery via Swiggy Genie and Dunzo.

Price: INR 30 upwards

Sour House

There's nothing we don't love about the carb-delivering local hero! Firstly, it's a weekly subscription service that offers freshly baked sourdough to customers, secondly, since Owner, Selvan makes this treat in small batches, they are super fresh and great quality dough. And finally, the bread parcel also comes with instructions on how to store the bread and we recommend you follow them. To get your weekly loaf, check out their website. You can also pick it up at their Koramangala store. The also have snacks like crackers and croutons, and the occasional cinnamon roll, and pizza base. Check out their website or directly enquire with LBB and choose Sour House's menu for delivery options. You can also order bread in bulk if needed.

Price: INR 180 upwards


All this bread is great but don't you think it's deserving of some yummy Spreads & Jams? Shop On LBB has delectable options like Mulberry Jam and Chunky Apple Cinnamon Whisky Preserve, yum! You could also butter up these babies with some Healthy Butters or delicious Nut Butters!