One would think that it is easy to make a burger — a meaty centre, vegetables and condiments stuffed in a bun — but true connoisseurs might laugh at your naivety. They, just like us, know that a great burger is about the perfect ingredients cooked just right and assembled to give you an explosion of flavours in each bite. We’ve put together a list of the top ten burgers in Bangalore that make the cut. Debates, fierce arguments and long discussions welcome. May the best burger win.

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 Monster Steak at Peppa Zing

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MoBar Burger at Monkey Bar

MoBar Burger At Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar

The ground, spiced beef patty of this burger weighs in at 300 grams and then there’s the lettuce, cheese, bacon, onions and tomato, mayo and seasoning to boot. This is a scrumptious affair and best enjoyed in silence and solitude. Plus, the compliant burger buns {freshly baked in-house} make sure that you can hold your burger together effortlessly to get the perfect bite.

Price: INR 390 plus tax {approx.}

Monster Steak At Peppa Zzing

On a day when one is feeling generous, this burger can be shared by two. But a little patience and perseverance can see anyone devour this monster-size burger in one sitting. An extra-large bun spills over with coleslaw, tomato, onions, cucumber and two thick, grilled, well-done tenderloin steaks, which lend each bite that distinctive meaty-peppery flavour – a winner in our books.

Price: INR 350 {approx.}

Original Legendary Burger At Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and fried onion rings along with 300 grams of ground beef jostle for space between two halves of a toasted bun served with Cajun-spiced potato fries. One might want to hit the gym immediately after or settle into the nearest bed. Your choice.

Price: INR 475 {approx.}

The Whopper Burger At The Only Place


The Whopper was one of the first burgers in the city. Besides dripping with nostalgia, it is one of the few burgers in the city that incorporates gravy into the burger, making it a messy, delish affair. A beef, lamb or chicken version of The Whopper is available. Though we always ask for the lamb.

Price: INR 400 {approx.}

The Juicy Lucy At Plan B

This popular hangout of college students has an interesting take on the traditional burger. They stuff the ground beef patty with cheese and mushroom, and grill it. So with each bite, you get spicy beef, gooey cheese and peppery shrooms {that too neatly nestled in between the patties}. #FTW we say.

Price: INR 285 {single}; INR 335 {double} {approx.}

The Ultimate At Red Fork 

Best burgers in Bangalore

Photo: Shailaja Rangarajan

Although not on the menu, The Ultimate burger is that special that it is only made on request at Red Fork. The name itself is a good indication of what to expect from The Ultimate burger. It is double beef patty, Cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapenos, caramelised onions, gherkins, fried egg and lettuce with a drizzling of mayo and barbecue sauce. We suggest wearing a pair of trousers with an elastic waist to tackle this one.

Price: INR 550 {approx.}

Jack Daniels Bacon Burger At The Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit

This burger is a decadent and heady experience of meaty tenderloin patty soaked up in whiskey, Cheddar, grilled onions and tomatoes served with slaw and frizzled onions. The Frizzled Onions are onions baked with flour after having been soaked in buttermilk. You might also want to dip into the accompanying relishes. There’s tomato mustard and charred chilli for that extra spicy kick.

Price: INR 345 {approx.}

Tons Of Fun At Truffles

Two juicy, flavoursome lamb patties stuffed with cheese, salami and eggs between buns smeared generously with mayo. Now we see how it got its name.

Price: INR 260 {approx.}

Moo’s Yo Daddy At Cafe Thulp

Moo's Your Daddy Burger at Cafe Thulp in Bangalore

Cafe Thulp

Like the name suggests, this is the Yokozuna of burgers with 400 grams of ground beef patty and generous amounts of cheese and rashers of bacon. One might want to skip a few meals before attempting to tame this beast.

Price: INR 450 {approx.}