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Eat Your Way Through Bangalore's Best Spots For Chole Bhature

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Homesick North Indians and pretty much anyone who's craving for some good old chole bhature in the city, you are in luck. We have eaten our way through countless plates of chole bhature in Bangalore to give you the best of the best. Of course, some of these have been recommended by you as well. So come rain or shine, here's where to get chole bhature in Bangalore. 

Purani Dilli By Anand Sweets

The chole bhature from Purani Dilli By Anand Sweets is our usual go-to whenever we are craving for it. You get two bhatures that are shaped like zeppelins, and a rich, spicy chole. Onions and pickle are the usual accompaniments although there are times when we haven't received either when we have got it home delivered.  

Price: INR 130 

Frightened going out in these times ? Worry not, you can make yourself a hearty portion of Chole Bhature by using this brand's spice blends available on LBB.

Bharatiya Jalpan

We usually head to Bharatiya Jalpaan's Indiranagar outlet for some good North Indian breakfast on Sundays. Their chole bhature is a meal in itself -- one giant bhature with enough chole to be mopped up with it. The bhature isn't too oily and a few might find the chole too masala-fied. You only get this for breakfast, FYI. 

Price: INR 149


Kesar Sweet Shop & Fast Food

For this one, you need to travel all the way to Brookfield and that's because Kesar's chole bhature is a no-nonsense dish. Available all through the day, the oily bhatures might put a few people off, but nothing that a few dabs with the tissue can't solve. It works as an all-day meal and the chole is a mildly spicy one. 

Price: INR 130

We know that going as far as Brookefield isn't an easy task but that you have or are planning to, try these outlets in Whitefield and spend a good day in that part of town. 

Kapoor's Cafe

Kapoor's Cafe is known for its Punjabi-Delhi cuisines and their Pindi Chole Bhature is nearly as good as the ones you get in Delhi. Or at least that's what most homesick North Indians at LBB claim. Two fairly large, oily bhatures, a portion of masala aloo, and the semi-dry chole that's coated with a spicy masala. You also sometimes get mint chutney. It's a proper meal mind you, so only go here with an empty stomach.

Price: INR 200

If laziness creeps in and you don't feel like going all the way here, get some readymade Chole, Dal Makhani and Rajma from this brand on LBB. 

Kartik's Mithai Shoppe

Kartik's Mithai Shoppe's chole bhature is so popular that you have to pre-order and they only serve it on Sundays between 9 am and 11:30 am. You'll to need to call the shop on Saturday during working hours and give your name and how many plates you will need. You get puffy puris with a thick, spicy chole gravy with sides of spicy aloo fry and fried green chillies. This chole bhature is breakfast goals! 

Price: INR 130

Kota Kachori

Kota Kachori is known for their pyaaz kachoris, but their chole bhatures are equally good. It's a mini-meal that you can have if you have those 4pm hunger pangs or when you want to keep things light. You get two bhatures and the chole has enough gravy for an extra bhature. It's available all through the day. Plus, it's a meal under INR 100 too. 

Price: INR 90

Natraj Chole Bhature

This place is as authentic as it gets when it comes to puffed up balloons of Bhature and a smoky semi-gravy Chole. This Delhi-style Chole Bhature outlet is in the list of the finest Chole Bhaturas in the city for some reasons, here are a few. Their bhatures are stuffed with a mix of paneer and chillies and their smoky black Chole preparation has just the perfect texture of creamy chickpeas and potatoes. Loaded with a distinct flavour, the chickpeas aren't spicy but just of the right consistency to be mopped up with their fluffy bhatures (with some onions and pickle ofc). They also have gulab jamuns to round up your meals and lassi to accompany them. 

Price: INR 110