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Stay Home & Get Fit With Team LBB's Go-To Fitness Apps

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Whether you are a stay-at-home freelancer or some who don't have the time to hit the gym, fitness is still important. Now, while we recommend watching all those home workout videos on YouTube, we are going one step further and recommending some of the best fitness apps currently in India. These fitness apps have been tried and tested by the LBB crew across Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata so that you get the best of the best! 

Nike Training Club (Free App)

The Nike Training Club app is almost like your personal trainer with both tailor-made workouts (this is dependent on how frequently you use the app) to a collection of workouts that cover everything from getting the best out of your glutes to running better. You also get to browse through various types of workout -- endurance, mobility, strength, and yoga. Currently, there are over 190+ workouts and each workout is timed and measured. You can also set up personalised Plans to help you achieve a particular fitness level.

30 Day Fitness (Paid App)

30 Day Fitness app has personalised 30-day fitness challenges to help you achieve your goals -- be more active, lose weight, or gain muscle. They have 400-odd individual fitness workouts that are designed to be done at home or pretty much anywhere. These workouts are named after different cities of the world and under each city, there's a particular set of workouts to be completed. For instance, our favourite is the 12-minute Barcelona workout that incorporates a full-body routine through backward lunges, glute kickbacks, push-ups, and one arm plank with knee touches. We also like Zurich which is a 10-minute workout combining high kicks, incline push-ups, and sit-ups. 

It's a paid app with weekly subscription costing INR 369 per week. 

Sweat (Paid App)

It's a paid workout app for women with programs that are designed to help you hit your primary fitness goal and beyond. A pretty intuitive app, it lets you pick our various kinds of workouts by their in-house trainers which includes Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, and Stephani Sanzo. Kayla's popular Bikini Body Guide (BBG) workout is available too. The BBG workout is a full-body training workout that includes low-impact and high-impact training that can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. Sjana Elise's home workouts focus more on body and mind, so basically, ladies, the app has you covered. Plus, you can track your progress, join the community and take part in discussions, read blogs by trainers, and talk to other folks. 

It's a paid app with subscription costing INR 1,549 per month.

My Fitness Pal (Free App With Paid Features)

Whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight, this is really the pal you need. The app lets you keep track of all your diet plans and exercises and activities by letting you log in everything that you do on a day to day basis. The best part is that the diet section that you log in has food from all over the world, so if you are used to a particular diet (think rice-sambhar types or roti-dal), you will find these food options along with their approximate calories. It's really extensive. We even found poha which included both homemade poha option as well as those MTR Poha packs that you get. And since it can seamlessly connect with your other fitness apps, it'll provide you with near accurate information of what's going on with your plan! 

Headspace (Paid App)

An app that's designed to help you breathe better, sleep better, and best of all get rid of the damn stress. It's even used by Richard Branson. Very cool. The app lets you prioritise what's most important for you -- sleeping soundly, being more active, or even managing stress & anxiety -- and accordingly offers you audio-based meditation courses as well as simple mindfulness techniques that are timed anywhere between three minutes to 20 minutes long. We've found the SOS Meditations come in handy especially at work when there's too much going on. For instance, the three-minuted Feeling Overwhelmed meditation session calms you down with a series of breathing exercises and helping you declutter and focus on what's important. 

It's a paid app with a subscription costing INR 159 per month.

Daily Yoga (Free App)

If yoga is your jam, then Daily Yoga is perfect as it offers over 500 different yoga asanas along with videos. These yoga activities are designed to ensure that you can do this when you are running late or have the entire day to yourself. Most of them are between three to sixty minutes, and it's designed for both beginners and professionals. If you are looking to incorporate yoga into your weight loss or staying fit program, the programs are designed for exactly that. 

Seven - 7 Minute Workouts (Paid App)

The app is exactly as its name -- seven-minute workouts that will either help you lose weight, gain muscles or keep yourself fit. You've access to weekly workout plans, personal trainer support, and best of all access to over 200 kinds of exercises, which you can do at home. There are also Freestyle workouts which will give you random workouts to switch things up and break the cycle of monotony. You even have workouts that are designed for the full body as well as specific areas -- core, upper body, and lower body. If you like intense workouts, try the Tabata Core and Down To Earth workouts. 

It's a paid app with a subscription costing INR 699 per month.

HealthifyMe (Paid App)

With the HealthifyMe app you can get personalised workout plans and diet plans that will help you achieve your fitness goals. The app lets you log in your meals by selecting from the database or taking a picture and uploading it. You can keep track of your calorie intake and work on plans that best your body needs. We really like the feature where you can get in touch with health experts such as nutritionists in helping you achieve your goals.    

It's a paid app with a subscription costing INR 499 per month.

Centr (Paid App)

Chris Hemsworth's new fitness app is designed to help people like Thor. It's just recently launched and we took it for a spin to see what all workouts are there. While the official website says that there will be workouts by Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky, we couldn't find it on the app. Probably they'll launch it later. But rest of the app packs a solid punch with intense home (and outdoor) workouts from various trainers. 

It's a paid app with a monthly subscription costing INR 2,499.