Zombie Escape To 7-Minute Workouts: Fitness Apps That Will Seriously Motivate You

Urvee posted on 27 July

We all need a little extra motivation sometimes, and fitness apps are perfect — I mean, how long can you ignore your phone, right? Here’s a list of fitness apps, that have all been tried and tested by the LBB Crew across the country. Go forth and exercise…


Why: You don’t need any equipment for this! It guides you through a seven-minute workout, which aims to provide the maximum benefit of working out regularly in the shortest time possible.


Why: They have personal trainers as well as a huge online community to discuss and share workout goals.

Nike + Run Club & Nike Training Club

Why: Possibly the most popular at the LBB offices, and globally, it is known that Nike+ Run club is really great for those  who run, and Nike Training Club is equally good for cool, diverse workouts for different lengths of time and exertion. We also like the slick design.


Why: You can count your activity as well as log your daily food intake. You can also chat with your coach within the app, who by the way, will ask you about your activity, every single day.

Google Fit

Why: In a nutshell, it’s minimal, auto-configured and has a great UI. It tracks all your activities, and you can use it to set yourself goals. It’ll also send you personalised recommendations {much like we do!}

Zombies Run

Why: We love this one for its unconventionality. Basically, you’re being attacked by zombies and you keep getting instructions to duck and jump. It’s like a battlefield + ops situation with a zombie attack. Collect ammo, save people, and in the paid version you even get proper chases.


Why: The Adidas Train and Run app has handed the baton over to Runtastic, and this one is ideal for serious runners. It not only tracks activities — from running and cycling to butt workouts and push-ups. Plus, detailed information on what to eat, how to train, and holiday workouts {so important!}. So even if you don’t run, this app will get your workout goals in place and help you see them through to the end.


Why: It helps you compete with friends, keeps track of your runs, gives you monthly goals, and tells you how many people are running with you for motivation. You can also customise workouts.