How To Work From Home: The Best Gadgets To Stay Productive

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At LBB, we are not really used to working from home. But this quarantine has made us work from home, and we've gotten used to it too. And one of the reason's for that is how we have set up our work from home space. Given that you are most likely to be working from home too, we figured why not share a list of few gadgets that we use to keep ourselves productive. You can thank us later but for now, make sure you bookmark this list of the best gadgets for the work from home situation. 

A Pair Of Wireless Headphones


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If there's a lot of noise at your place, nothing like shutting it all out with a pair of wireless headphones. Why wireless? It's for those times when those Zoom meetings go on for hours and you need to stretch and walk around a bit without having to disconnect from the call or carry your laptop around. Our favourite is the JBL T460BT Extra Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones. We've been using this for a year now and it's a solid pair. The bass is really good and the in-built mic makes it perfect for video meetings and calls too. 

A Multi-Port Adapter

If you are using a MacBook or one of those company-sanctioned laptops that come with just a few or no USB ports, then nothing like investing in a multi-port adapter that will help you connect all your devices to your laptop and reduce the hassle. If you are using an Apple MacBook, then you need to check out this Kapa 5-in-1 USB Adapter that has a USB 3.0 adapter along with 4K HDMI adapter. It's also compatible with other laptops. 

A Smart Speaker


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It's a convenient companion to have during your work from home scenario. The Amazon Echo Dot is our favourite and it gets the job done for setting reminders and alarms especially when you have a long workday. Put reminders to drink water and have lunch guys. Apart from this Alexa is great for news updates and general stuff. Also, did you know there are tons of fun games you can play with Alexa

A Wireless Speaker


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While we are on the subject of speakers, it's great to invest in a wireless speaker than just using your laptop's speakers or being constantly plugged in with headphones or earphones. Most of the LBB crew uses these portable wireless speakers that's mainly for listening to music and one of our favourite speakers are the JBL Go 2 and the Sony XB01. Both these speakers come with long playback hours on a single charge and their sound quality is too good. 

A Desktop Fan

A desktop fan is really important especially with it being hot and all right now. We love this TopMate Mini Fan that you can keep on your desk and make you that you remain cool, quite literally. The fan comes with adjustable speed settings and has a 360-degree rotation too. And the best part? You can plug it to your laptop or desktop with its USB cable. It's super lightweight too and you can carry it around wherever you go. 

A Laptop Cooling Pad

A laptop cooling pad is a versatile tool that you need to invest in if you don't want your laptop heating up especially now when you have multiple video calls and you are also multi-tasking. We've used the Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad while at work and while we forgot to take it with us to home right now, we sorely miss it. It's adjustable when it comes to its height and you can also change the fan speed. Plus, LED light to make it look cool. 

A WiFi Extender

We realised that this is a super important tool to have especially when your router is somewhere else or you have too many people using your WiFi. We swear by the TP-Link N300 Wireless Extender as it's saved us from not dropping out or calls or having patchy internet when we are too far away from the router.