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Ombré To Unicorn Hair: These Five Bangaloreans Dish On Who Their Go-To Hair Colourists Are

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Probably the most fun way to shake up your whole look would be to bring some colour into your life {literally} and dye those tresses. An edgy way to mix things up, here are five Bangaloreans who took the hair-colouring plunge and they’re dishing out deets on who their go-to hair colourist in the city is.

Unicorn Hair By Naina Gunjikar

A loyal patron of Naina Gunjikar, Riddhi Paul has been frequenting High Gloss Salon for the last three years. Why, you ask? Riddhi says that no one nails her brief, as well as Naina, who goes the extra mile to understands her clients’ hair and personality before dying their locks. Riddhi, who has been switching up her hair game three to four times every year, trusts no one else with her precious mane. Her unicorn hair is the stuff of Instagram dreams, with strands of light blues, pinks and purples all in the mix, proving yet again that Naina is one of the best in the business.

Hair Care: Riddhi Paul highly recommends getting the Olaplex hair treatment done once a month to keep your hair’s elasticity intact. She also cuts open vitamin E capsules and mixes them with olive oil, and conditions her hair two to three times a week to keep her locks conditioned and healthy.

Price of Treatment: INR 10,000

Words For The Wise: A big believer in being who you are, Riddhi Paul says that you should take the hair-colouring plunge if it’s something you want to do, no matter what anyone says. Just do it!

Blonde Highlights By Niang Guite

Her stylist for 12 years, Aisha swears by Niang’s talents as a hair stylist and colourist. Dyeing her locks once every six months, Aisha’s tresses have seen it all from deep reds to copper brown and Niang, from BBlunt, has been the pro behind every one of these transformations. Her latest hair experiment has been blonde highlights against her thick, dark brown hair. Completely satisfied with the look, Aisha says that the best thing about Niang is her vast experience with hair and the fact that she won’t let you go ahead with a look that she thinks won’t suit you. Plus, she spends plenty of time getting to know your hair and works with much precision, which makes all the difference.

Hair Care: Aisha says the best way to go is to follow they stylist’s instructions and use the products recommended by them. With Niang, Aisha vouches for the fact that she does not try to push the most expensive products on you, but the ones that work best with your treatment.

Price of Treatment: INR 7,000 upwards

Words For The Wise: Aisha advises against frequently oiling your coloured locks. She also suggests using the same water to wash your hair. So skip washing your hair too often while travelling.

Galaxy Hair By Neelam Kamall

Sri Varsha, who’s played around with hair colouring a bit, decided to go big and get galaxy hair after being hit with a barrage of Instagram hair inspo. She decided to head to Neil’s Studio, run by Neelam Kamall, as she could score an easy appointment here, without much of a waiting period. Another reason she recommends Neil’s is that they always have the colours and dyes you want in stock, so you don’t have to compromise on your shade like you might have to at other salons.

Sri Varsha was happy with Neelam’s hands-on approach and ready input every step of the way. She sectioned her hair into three parts and dyed them pink, purple and blue. And Neelam made sure that the three-hour long process flies by with easy conversations, coffee and fun music playing in the background to keep you upbeat. In fact, Sri Varsha thinks that Neelam absolutely nails the unicorn hair and galaxy hair looks and is one of the best in town when it comes to colouring.

Hair Care: Post hair colouring, Sri Varsha says that conditioning is key to make sure your dye fades well. She swears by OGX Coconut Curls conditioner.

Price of Treatment: INR 7,000

Words For The Wise: Skip the swimming session, says Sri Varsha, to keep your tresses healthy and colour intact.

Golden Streaks By Yogesh Kumar

If you want a hair colourist that understands what works with your hair and face, Priyanka says that Yogesh Kumar is your go-to guy. A hair colourist at Blown, Yogesh really gets what works for each individual person and always has good advice and input to offer. Priyanka went for golden blonde streaks, a striking contrast to her light brown natural hair. The process took less than three hours to complete, and Priyanka was happy with the final result. She suggests following through on all of Yogesh’s advice for a look you’ll be content with.

Hair Care: Priyanka uses L’Oreal Paris Colour Protect shampoo and a serum right after she gives her hair a wash.

Price of Treatment: INR 7,000

Words For The Wise: Keep your hair clean and eat right to give it that healthy shine.

Ombré Tresses By Veena Ramurthy

Thinking about going ombré? Then trudge down to Jean Claude Biguine on Lavelle Road, suggests Maariya. After getting her hair done there over a year ago, by senior colourist Veena Ramurthy, she opted for an ombré with gold, blonde and brown shades that’s still holding up many months later. The best part, Veena didn’t even bleach her hair to achieve the look, sparing her locks much damage. Taking the middle path between an ombré and balayage with her tresses, Maariya vouches for Veena’s ways because she’s great at understanding what you want and will make sure you leave the salon 100 per cent satisfied. Veena will also make the three-hour process fly by with friendly conversation.

Hair Care: Another loyal fan of L’Oreal Paris Colour Protect shampoo and conditioner, Maariya recommends washing your hair regularly with the right products.

Price of Treatment: INR 10,000

Words For The Wise: Always deep condition your hair to keep it soft and stop it from drying out.