Nom Nom Nom: Our Favourite Momo Spots In Town

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Try as much as we may, it’s hard to ignore the lure of this hot, steamy, delectable dish. And we’re not sure what you’re thinking – but we’re talking about momos. We can never seem to turn down the idea of tucking into these soft, gooey dumplings in their veggie or meaty avatar, and the craving seems to last all year round and more during the monsoons. Pair that with a bit of chilli sauce, and we’re spicing things up too! So we’re suggesting you do so as well. And from a city teeming with options to choose from, we’ve picked out some of the best places to get your momo fix. 


One of the few places that serves delicious momos in the city, Delicacy likes keeping it simple and authentic — just how we like it. We love that their chicken mince is really fine, and that the dough it comes wrapped in is thin and light. Most authentic, we say. steamed, fried or pan-fried — whichever way you like your momos, this restaurant will definitely not disappoint you. You can either walk-in or just order-in their momos. 


Known for its great Chinese dishes, this pocket-friendly restaurant has some of the best Chicken Cheese momos in town. Their fried momos are just as good and will definitely floor you. Their Banashankari outlet offers Red Dragon Dumpling, which deserves a special mention. 

Taste of Tibet

The steamed beef momos are the crowd-pleasers, though chicken and veggie versions are available too. The delicate parcels come stuffed with a generous portion of minced beef flavoured with ginger and chillies. Served with a fiery chilli chutney and a watery broth, these little pouches are perfect for a rainy day snack. Sounds yum? You can order-in through food delivery apps and enjoy them at the comfort of your home sweet home or even dine-in if you'd like.

Bamey's Restro Cafe

At this Nepali restaurant, an entire section is devoted to steamed, fried, and kothey (pan-fried in Nepalese) momos available in veg, chicken, and mutton versions. If you want to spice things up then go for their fiery chilli kind. For those with tamer palates, the Paneer Butter Spinach and Cheesy Chicken Corn are other options. They also have a butter chicken option! Want to taste everything? then opt for the Bamey’s Momo Platter. Simple. We’re equally intrigued by the Bhatti Ko, steamed momos dunked in a cashew-thickened tomato gravy. You can order-in or even dine-in if you'd like.

Khawa Kharpo

The Fried Beef Momos here, soft meat encased within crunchy, golden fried shells, are super popular here, but what also deserves a mention is Khawa Kharpo’s Mo-Thuks, momos cooked in a special soup, a-la thukpa, but not quite. The tingmo with beef curry is a deadly combination to try as well. They are open for dine-in from 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm.