There is something to be said about cool, Bangalore evenings that seem to make you want to head out, perhaps just to unwind after a hectic workday. And, what better spot to enjoy a breezy evening than a rooftop restaurant or bar? Here’s our pick of the best rooftop restaurants in town for you to head to.

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The Terrace at Windmills Craftworks

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The Humming Tree

One of the best venues in town to catch a live gig, The Humming Tree also has a nice rooftop seating on the fourth floor {which can get crowded over the weekends}. With the open bar, and the laidback ambience, you can definitely look forward to an evening of long conversations.


rooftop restaurant ebony with city view in bangalore

Source: Ebony

Perfect for a romantic date, Ebony is located on the 13th floor, giving you one of the best views of the city’s skyline. The delicious food {choose from Indian or South Asian delights} and the soft music add to the charm, making sure you’ve got yourself a perfect night out.


rooftop restaurant bricklane with white decor in bangalore

Source: Brick lane

While Bricklane with its pristine white furniture and minimalistic decor is appealing in itself, we suggest you choose the alfresco rooftop area {which also has a pool, by the way} to enjoy the experience. Be it just to have a drink or to make a meal of their wide range of appetisers, nothing beats the pleasure of dining out in the open air, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The Terrace at Windmill Craftworks

rooftop restaurant the terrace at windmill craftworks in bangalore

Source: Windmill Craftworks

Popular for its widespread buffet, The Terrace is probably one of the best places in town to enjoy Bangalore’s great weather while dining with your friends or family. Totally different from the lively jazz club {Windmills Craftworks}, this rooftop restaurant offers a more relaxed setting.

The Tao Terraces

rooftop restaurant and bar tao terraces in bangalore

Source: Tao Terraces

Pan-Asian dishes, soothing music {combined with the tinkling of flowing water} and an amazing view from the rooftop area – if that doesn’t sound like an ideal setting for an evening of zen, we don’t know what does.


rooftop resturant and bar barleyz in bangalore

Source: Barleyz

If sitting out in the open, enjoying the cool breeze and guzzling down beer while chatting with friends sounds like a good way to spend your evening, Barleyz is where you should head to.

Puma Social Club

rooftop restaurant and bar puma social club in bangalore

Source: The Fork Tales

With its simple and classy décor, the rooftop at Puma Social Club is bound to be a perfect choice to help you unwind after a long day. Whether you choose to tuck into their delicious delights or sip on a cocktail, we bet you’ll have a breezy time.


rooftop restaurant brewsky in jp nagar bangalore

Source: Brewsky

A spacious rooftop seating area that gives you ample privacy with a breathtaking view of the city spread out before you – that’s what Brewsky has to offer. Apart from their great beer and food, of course.

Bang – The Ritz-Carlton

rooftop restaurant bang at the ritz carlton in bangalore

Source: Ritz-Carlton

Bang is definitely worth a visit for its delightful rooftop ambience, which just gets better when you have a group of buddies to chat with over a drink or two, accompanied by a good dose of lively music.

High Ultra Lounge

rooftop restaurant high ultra lounge in bangalore

Source: High Ultra Lounge

Sitting atop the World Trade Centre-Bangalore, at a height of over 420 feet, High Ultra Lounge is probably one of the tallest points {and the highest lounges} in South India. Head to this rooftop lounge bar for a truly exciting experience that will leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world.

The Fatty Bao

rooftop restaurant fatty bao in bangalore

Source: Fatty Bao

The colourful decor and the beautiful lighting at this Asian restaurant and cocktail bar contribute to the delightful ambience here. Though most of the rooftop seating area is covered and now comes with air conditioning, there is an open air space too for you to make the most of the weather.

Om Made Cafe

rooftop restaurant om made cafe in bangalore

Source: Om Made Cafe

Om Made Cafe, based on the concept of ‘Refresh and Relax’ offers you a rooftop seating with peaceful ambience coupled with incredible food. An ideal place to start your day on a weekend, relishing the easygoing vibe and their sumptuous breakfast {or brunch, as we like to call it}.



With flashy lights, a 360 degree view and quite enough space if you feel like hitting the dance floor, this recently-opened rooftop bar has tapas-style snacks and old-school cocktails on offer. Perfect for a date or even when you want to treat yourself to a great night out! Read more about it here.


Want to go all out for the weekend? Make your way to Skyye, right on the 16th floor of UB City. From the open air lounge to the under-lit flooring and a breathtaking view of the city, this rooftop bar offers a spectacular experience. When you’re done savouring the view and the lively ambience, make sure to hit the dance floor. Oh, and plenty of options for food and drinks to pick from, too.

Yauatcha Terrace

More bar than nightclub, Yauatcha Terrace is a breezy spot which is just as perfect for a romantic night out as for a round of drinks post-work. While the upbeat music and dim lighting add to the laidback ambience at the rooftop space, there’s cocktails like the Citrus Martini to sip on while you dig into their light eats – we recommend the Baked Chicken Puffs and the Kung Pao chicken. Read more about it here.

Featured image via: Om Made Cafe