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5 Popular And Lesser Known Skate Spots in Bangalore You Had No Idea About


    As one of the co-founders of HolyStoked Collective, I’m super passionate about skating as both a recreational and professional sport. And if you are, too, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to find a well-maintained spot and enough space to do an ollie without ticking someone off! To help make your life easier, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite skate spots across Bangalore city — I hope you’ll love these places as much as I do!

    The Cave Skatepark, Hegdenagar

    The Cave Skate Park

    RK Hegde Nagar, Bangalore

    This skatepark was built and developed by HolyStoked Collective and adidas to give skateboarding a big push in the city. Currently, this is the city’s only free skatepark. The Cave is a complete flow park with a spine in the middle, which is the most exciting feature of the park. Unfortunately, there are no lights at the moment, which restricts skating after dark, but there is access to drinking water & WiFi, too. There’s also a fully loaded skate shop if you need to gear up. It might be a bit far, but its cool vibes and endless skating make the travel totally worth it!

    Timings: 7am-7pm

    Price: Entry is free

    Freedom Park, CBD

    Freedom Park

    Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore

    Little did the government know that when they demolished the old central jail of Bangalore and renovated it that it would be the best spot for skateboarding in the city! It has an amazing long granite flat that you could just skate on forever, along with loads of ledges and banks around coconut trees that makes it my pick for the top skate spot in the city. Skating isn’t encouraged here, so my recommendation is to carry your board in a board bag so as to not alert the guards! It’s open to the public for only four hours in the morning and evening {ironic, considering the name}, so make good use of your time. Freedom Park has also been skated in by international pros like Ryan Walker and Kenny Reed to name a few.

    Timings: 6am-10am; 2pm-6pm

    Price: Entry is free

    Play Arena, Sarjapur Road

    Play Arena

    Kasavanahalli, Bangalore

    This is definitely the Mecca of skateboarding in India. Opened in 2011, it is the biggest skatepark in the country. It spans across 16,000 square feet of solid concrete, and with a large flat, a flow section and two bowls, it’s the perfect skate zone. It’s equipped with lights so it’s open until late, and even has a Pro shop if you need to pick up some equipment. Play Area is where you’ll find most skating events in the city being held, as well as being the go-to spot for pros and local skateboarders alike. It’s good vibes all around!

    Timings: 7am -11pm

    Price: INR 350 per day or INR 1,500 per month

    NGV, Koramangala

    NGV Club

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    This quaint sports complex, built when Bangalore hosted the National Games, holds two acres of flat ground dedicated to skating. There are also a couple of little shops where you could pop in for some refreshments. While the roads and sidewalks are well maintained, making it a relaxing experience, unless you are super into street, flip and tech, you might get bored of this spot pretty soon. However I encourage you to skate here because of its sheer size, and every time I do, I always end up finding a nice ledge or a nice clean staircase tucked away, making for some fun skating!

    Timings: 7am – 9pm

    Price: Entry is free

    Cubbon Park, CBD

    Cubbon Park

    Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bangalore

    Every second Saturday and every Sunday, Cubbon Park shuts its gates to traffic, opening itself to skateboarders and other enthusiasts alike. If you are like me and like to cruise around on your board just aimlessly, then grab your skateboard and head to Cubbon Park on the above mentioned days and get a feel for your city and your board, while also getting your fill of greenery!

    Timings: 6am-9pm; Every second Saturday, and every Sunday

    Price: Entry is free