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Embrace Home-Office: Invest In These 7 Ergonomic Work-From-Home Gear For Help


    So you feel like a fish out of water working indoors.  Although lounging on the couch initially felt like a blessing, remember going longer periods with no proper set-up can put unwanted strain on your body and posture. There's none of the comfort of office, zero organisation and you're on the verge of boycotting this WFH scene. Just before you do, why not bookmark this list of ergonomic gear that will help bring some merry to this madness. Investing in these pieces of equipment will make your home a more healthy, productive and safe space to work in.

    What is ergonomics and how does it help? Ergonomics relates to a person's efficiency in their working environment. Having an ergonomic setup at home can help lessen muscle fatigue, increase productivity, and reduce the number and severity of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

    Relaxing Ergonomic Chairs

    Reflex High Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair with Adjustable Arms

    Keeping in mind posture, the first thing you will need to invest in is an adjustable chair that helps you sit with your back all the way into the backrest. This helps keep your spine straight and your shoulders back and relaxed with your head and neck straight. This high back chair with adjustable arms may seem expensive, but a good chair is like investing in a good mattress, especially if you're spending over 8 hours on it. This one reclines, has neck support if you need it, and the mesh holds up, helps keep your back straight and enables airflow. It's height adjuster also ensures that your feet are flat on the floor with your thighs parallel and knees bent to 90-degrees (ideal position)

    Adjustable & Portable Desk

    Mount-It! Table Top for Sit Stand Desk - 29 x 59 Inches - White - Buy Mount-It! Table Top for Sit Stand Desk - 29 x 59 Inches - White Online at Low Price in India -

    Another important gear that completes your workstation is a desk. Investing in a height adjustable desk means you can convert this into a standing desk, so you can switch between sitting and standing throughout your workday, essential for both your comfort and your health. This Mount-it! Sit Stand Desk checks all the boxes for a good adjustable-height standing desk. It also has enough space to accommodate a keyboard and a mouse. Another option would be this Adjustable and Portable Table Cart Tray, not only does it adjust to the desired height you can also work with a change of scenery everyday! We also have a list of laptop desks that essentially help with the same you check out here.

    Monitor Arm Or Laptop Stand

    AmazonBasics Monitor Stand, Height Adjustable Arm Mount- Steel - Buy AmazonBasics Monitor Stand, Height Adjustable Arm Mount- Steel Online at Low Price in India -

    When setting up your monitor or laptop, ideally you want it to be at arms-length distance, away and elevated so that your eyes are in line with the top of the screen. This helps keep neck pain at bay, one that arises from looking up or down at the screen. An easy way to do this is to use a stack on books or anything flat and wide but sturdiness and control could be an issue. To fix this it's best to buy a Laptop Stand or a Monitor Arm, both of which are highly adjustable.

    Ergonomic Keyboard With A Wrist Rest

    höchste Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest&Gaming Mouse Wrist Rest, Ergonomic Design for Office, Home Office, Laptop, Desktop Computer, Gaming Keyboard (Black) - Buy höchste Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest&Gaming Mouse Wrist Rest, Ergonomic Design for Office, Home Office, Laptop, Desktop Computer, Gaming Keyboard (Black) Online at Low Price in India -

    You type all day, so you need a good keyboard and you think you may already have one but most keyboards are designed to strain your hand! Notice when you're typing, they force your hands inward so your shoulders are hunched. An ergonomic keyboard can help with this problem with its low, flat profile that tilts forward (the space bar is higher than the top row of keys) to keep your wrists in a neutral position. This höchste keyboard lets you space each half of the keyboard so that your hands are shoulder-width apart and your shoulders are relaxed. It also comes with a wrist support and mouse wrist pad that alleviates wrist pain. It's also a good investment if you have a laptop and you're planning on getting the aforementioned laptop stand. That way you won't have to type with your arms in the air.

    Comfy Mouse That Fits Buying Choices: Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse, White

    Laptop using folks, you know how cramped it feels working on a trackpad. Similarly, a regular mouse can lead to overworked muscles in your fingers or wrists (the same way continuous typing causes pain). A more ergonomic solution is a mouse, and more specifically a gaming mouse that will help if you're dealing with some wrist pain. This Logitech G305 gaming mouse is just the right shape for a range of hand sizes and different types of grips. The smooth scroll wheel also enhances the user experience.

    Optimum Lighting

    Buy Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight (Black) Online at Low Prices in India -

    To help with eye strain and craning of the neck invest in good lighting. Ergonomics recommend the same too. It's best to have a setup with a lot of natural light, it helps with keeping your energy levels up too. If you lack a space like this or work late nights it's best to invest in a desk light. This LED Desk Lamp has optimum lighting and will also help you focus.

    Pretty Much Anything Else That Reduces Stress

    Fliss 100 Planter

    Fliss 100 Planter


    If a little bit of green on your work desk helps cheer you up, invest in a Planter. Another good choice is an Essential Oil Diffuser with your favourite scent to help you feel calmer and more alert through the day. We also have a list of other electronics and gadgets that can make WFH for a more smoother and likeable experience. If you want a more comprehensive guide to working from home, head here