Talent Scouting! Let This Pro Help You Master Bharatnatyam With These Weekend Classes

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If you’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and grace of Bharatnatyam, now’s your chance to emulate all of it by learning the classical dance form from Masoom Parmar, a seasoned Bharatnatyam dancer.

Keeping It Classical

If your love for dance transcends the whip and nae nae {please, don’t say it doesn’t}, you’ll know that Bharatanatyam is a dance form that’s been around for centuries and has had many audiences enthralled by its performances time and time again. And if you’ve ever caught a Bharatanatyam show you’ll understand why. The classical South Indian dance is known the world over for its fine form, spectacular footwork and expressive face and hand gestures. And now you can master the art right here in Indiranagar by signing up for the classes conducted by Masoom Parmar every weekend.

A beginners class open to both adults and kids, the one hour class will get the basics covered before moving on to more complex routines. Happening every Saturday and Sunday, the ongoing sessions will be conducted at Dhurii, a new dance and wellness studio in Jeevan Bima Nagar. With a monthly fee of INR 2,500, you sign up for three months or six months at discounted rates.

Get Dancing

Training ever since he was six years old, Masoom Parmar further honed his skills under Guru Smt Jayalakshmi Alva & Guru Smt Bragha Bessell. Let his years of experience guide you and master the dance under his tutelage. To sign up call +91 9845705241 or shoot them a mail at info@dhurii.com and get started this weekend.