Log Huts, Campfires And Walks Along The Kaveri: The Perfect Weekend Getaway Is Only 100Km Away

Bheemeshwari Adventure & Nature Camp

What Makes It Awesome

Set along the might Kaveri, the Bheemeswari Nature And Adventure Camp is perfect for a quick getaway if you love the great outdoors. Plus, the road trip is only a 100kms long, so just drive down with your squad. Bheemeshwari, a quaint little township, known for its eponymous nature and adventure camp, is right on the banks of the Kaveri, and is exactly what you need when you need a break. A clean break from city life, stay in tents, cottages or bamboo huts. Just know that if you’re always plugged in, Bheemeshwari Nature Camp has no cell reception or WiFi. And only the bare minimum electrical appliances like a fan and light are available here. We call it a blessing! Especially since you’re not going to stay holed up in here when there’s the outdoors to explore.

Trek along lush green pathways, zip line or rope walk if you’re looking for thrills. Or get in the water for a coracle ride, pool kayaking or river rafting. The accommodation is kept neat and clean, and don’t hesitate to ask the friendly staff for anything else you might need. Come mealtime, dig into local cuisine as three buffet meals are included in the tariff. There’ll even be a campfire and barbecue every evening, where all the guests at the camp will gather round and exchange stories. Tariffs here start at INR 2,950 per person and are inclusive of the stay, the activities, and the food as well. Perfect for group trips, gather the squad or the family for this one as there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.


Want to take it nice and easy? How about a spot of fishing? One of the most popular spots for fishing spots around, you’re bound to get lucky and catch some.  

Bheemeshwari Adventure & Nature Camp