This Homegrown Apparel Brand Will Have You Looking Chic Yet Comfy In Their Versatile Collection


Bias will have you dressed up, ready to take on the world with their comfortable, free spirited and functional clothing, great for layering too!

What Makes It Awesome

Looking for fashion that’s left-of-center but no so outlandish that you attract all the judgmental (or overly curious) stares? Bias’ range of relaxed styles for everyday wear will have you breezing through your day. 

Keeping comfort the number one priority in their designs, Bias caters largely to women, and breaks away from the the traditional ideas and silhouettes of ‘feminine’ styles. All their apparel is versatile and made of cotton or breathable cotton blends. Inspired by the everyday with a touch of whimsy (be it moods, imagery, or functionality), find billowy cloud like dresses, tops with evocative hemlines and, comfy bottoms and outerwear. The great part is that on their product page, the descriptions include the height of the model to give you an idea of how it will look, if you have a fair idea of your own measurements. With helpful tips on how and when to wear it, don’t worry about styling the rather unique pieces once you get them. Worst case, just go through their lookbook for inspiration.

The e-store, along with selling their apparel also sell accessories like chokers, bags, and neck pieces. All handmade with yarn and natural substances like mother of pearl, and naturally occurring gemstones, they make great additions to any of the outfits available, or can work well with your regular ensemble as well. 


When placing an order, if you’d like one of their pieces to be custom fit to your size (or shape), do contact them prior and they’ll be happy to help you out. This isn’t applicable on their sale items though.