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Hills, Cosy Corners, Doggo Cuddles And Chill Vibes: This BnB In Ooty Is Romance 101


    A lovely cottage in the Nilgiris, hit up Bilberry Cottage if you’re really looking for some fresh mountain air, a home straight out of Enid Blyton books, and two dogs to cuddle with.

    Hills Are Alive

    We’ll start with a disclaimer for this one so you don’t go chasing after the owner saying you didn’t know. The property is located in a cliff face pretty much, and it’s steep. So walking to Bilberry Cottage is a bit of a trek and not advisable for those with weak knees or even tiny toddlers. But once you’re up there, oh it’s worth the sweat and toil.

    Perched right on the mountain face, all you’ll see is tea estates, the blue mountain ridges and the forest below. The cottage itself is cosy and is ideal for four people — one bedroom and one bed in the common area, with a bathroom to share {this could get dicey sometimes. But hey, it’s cold up there. Skip the shower! If you’re going with bae, then we suggest you pick the loft for it’s cosiness, but for fam jam scenes, tuck the kids up there.

    In the middle of the wilderness, the property is all about reconnecting with nature and we recommend exploring the surrounding trails. Make sure to pack your sneakers or hiking boots as once you get started, then you just won’t stop. It’s also only 8 odd kilometres from Ooty, so you might just want to troop into town. Especially since it’s a self-catering BnB. Load up on fresh veggies and get cooking y’all. Oh, did we mention you can take a few herbs from the garden of the owners )Rebecca and Greg)? Well, you can. Plus, a few vegetables too, if you ask nicely!

    Back at the cottage, you favourite spot might be in front of the woodstove (so quaint and romantic, no?) with a book, hot chocolate and whomever you adore most be it your sibling, parent, BFF or bae. Sometime during your stay here, head over to the barn and marvel at the beautiful horses there too. And…wait for it… cuddle with the two adorable and super friendly dogs — a labrador retriever and a German Shepherd. They also like to tag along on walks, so you’ll never be alone. 


    It’s such a serene environment, don’t ruin it with cell phones! Leave those devices aside, we say.