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Bira91 Has Two New Beers And One Of Them Is A Low-Calorie Option


You were seduced by the Blonde and the White {yup, we’re talking beers, you dirty mind, you!} these past two years. But now, gear up for two new brews from India’s first hand-crafted beer brand.

Drink To That

Oh hello! How we love Bira91 and all it stands for #MakeInIndia, y’all! But it’s also really tasty. So you can only imagine why we’re so thrilled about the two new releases — Bira 91 Light and Bira 91 Strong. While the Strong is set to be heavy, high on alcohol content, and also being a wheat beer, it’s likely to be rather intense. Bira 91 Light on the other hand is touted to be the healthiest alcoholic beverage you could get. And by that we don’t mean it’s a health drink. It’s meant to have only 90 calories which is lower than even a glass of wine. Or orange juice for that matter!

The Light will be priced at INR 100 for 330ml cans, and the Strong, in 330ml cans and 650ml bottles, are expected to be a bit higher than usual. Both should be available in Bangalore this quarter.

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