Feasts to Order in this Bakr-Eid

    Give your usual greasy takeaways a rest and let Mum put her feet up this Eid as home chefs across the town gear up to bring the feast home to you. Be it kebabs, Warki Samosas, Dum Ka Kheema or the shining star, biryani, get in on the celebrations with a grand spread.

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    Anisas Kitchen

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    Colonnade Caterers

    Anisas Kitchen

    Anisa's Kitchen

    Frazer town, Bangalore

    This veteran caterer whose food is often eaten at the city’s Kutchi Memon weddings, operates out of her home in Frazer Town. Her specials include the Kutchi Memon style of biryani, kebabs such as Shikhampura and Shammi, Haleem, Khichda and Kheema stuffed parathas. We are partial to Anisa aunty’s Warki samosas, miniature and incredibly flaky parcels {much like puff pastry} stuffed with spicy kheema and her Bhendi Ghosh, slow cooked lamb with okra or Kadhu Ghosh, lamb cooked with gourd.

    Colonnade Caterers

    A very exclusive caterer, who’s prices don’t do her fare justice, Huma Ali’s passion reflects in her food. And lucky for us, her specialty is biryani; possibly why she’s often called Biryani Aunty. Any kind of biryani you can think of, be it dum, Hyderabadi, Bangalore, Bhatkali, Kerala and authentic Muslim, this lovely home chef will have it made to perfection. Kebabs and dessert can be customised, to suit the pride of the table – the biryani.

    Lazio Caterer

    Old Bangaloreans will swear by this place, the biryani and nothing but the biryani. While you may roll your eyes at the vegetarian option, you’ll be surprised at how close to the meat version it is. But it is the mutton one which steals the limelight, and the chicken not too far off the mark. Orders must be placed well in advance as they do only limited amounts to ensure quality. It comes with raita and salan to die for.

    Mrs Khan’s Biryani

    Home cook Kishwer Khan is an acknowledged master chef of biryanis. This Eid, Mrs Khan’s busy kitchen, where she personally supervises each cook, is doling out her famous spicy mutton biryani {there are chicken and egg variations as well} that comes along with a helping of kheer, raita and tangy brinjal gravy. If you’re aren’t going to be satisfied with just biryani, you can also pack Chicken Kebabs, Mutton Masala and Gulaab Jamuns to take home.


    MealBoat connects you to home chefs on its website along with their menu offerings. Our pick is Naeem Khan who promises to offer homely Hyderabadi food and claims to source authentic ingredients from Pattarghatti, the old quarters in Hyderabad. Khan’s offerings include Hyderabadi Khatti or Pakki Dum Biryani {veg, chicken and mutton} to be eaten with Bagar Baingan and Mirchiyon Ka Salan, kababs, Chicken Korma, Mutton Dry Masala Chops and Dum Ka Kheema. You can end your meal with Khubani Ka Meetha, Rabri, Kheer and Sheer Khorma.