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This Traditional Andhra Place Does Carrot 65, Bamboo Chicken & Boneless Biryani

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Go beyond the usual meals and Chicken 65s at Nandhana, and instead pay close attention to some unusual starters and a biryani targeted at millenials. What? Yes you read that right.

Winning Starters

Our usual visit to Nandhana consists of ordering either just the meals or a biryani. Well, after our recent visit, things have changed a bit. You start off with the rich Drumstick soup that comes with a smokey kick to it. Perfect if you are feeling a bit under the weather, the soup’s pulpy texture won us over. If you want some meat in your soup, we suggest the Mutton Bone soup, a peppery concoction that can clear any blocked nose.

Moving on to the starters, the Carrot 65 and Pudina Babycorn got top marks from everyone at the table with the Carrot 65 a sort of revelation to us by the sheer ingenuity and offering vegetarians a bit more than the usual paneer starter. Coming to the meaty side of things, our picks would be the Sholay Kebab and Bamboo Chicken. The kebabs were one of the best we’ve had in town with a generous coating of masala on the juicy chicken pieces going perfectly well with the mint chutney. Bamboo-cooked dishes seem to be trending and Nandhana’s Bamboo Chicken inspired by a recipe used by the tribal folks of Maredumilli forest is spot on. Juicy chicken is cooked with spices {with really less oil} and gets a rather mild flavour of the bamboo it’s cooked in.

Biryani Time

Dubbed as the Supreme Biryani and targetted at young folks, we tried the new offerings of Chicken Biryani and the Paneer Biryani. Customised with a name tag {all their Supreme biryanis come with one}, the best thing about the chicken biryani is that it came with boneless chicken pieces. Not your typical dum biryani, but the long-grain rice biryani with its layers of masala did sit well with us. Not too spicy, the biryani is perfect for two people unless you do not like to share your biryani.