This Lighting Brand Be Stealin’ The Show With Its Chic Designs & Decor

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Black Steel

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What Makes It Awesome

Black Steel is industrial chic on a whole new level. We’re talking vintage charm for the floor, the walls and the ceiling to make every home and work space go back in time and yet be uber futuristic. Founded by Prateek Singh, a Delhi-based design professional with a vision to make industrial décor mainstream and relatively affordable. 

With a team of artisans and craftsmen, Prateek has been creating designs with reclaimed wood and metal, adding a level of finesse that is reminiscent of European design sensibilities and we love it. Start with candle holders — the ones at Black Steel don’t just sit on a table or mantle, they have designs for the wall too, very Game of Thrones (now to find black candles!). A subtle game of black and brass extends to lamps as well, from ceiling to desk to floor and table. We especially love the multi-design table lamps with sprockets and pressure gauges, in case the iron pipes weren’t cool enough.


Their collection changes periodically, so keep track of it on their website and social media.